WTB Type R, Looking for advise


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Hi Guys and Girls,
Been looking to purchase a 2door STI Wrx and so fare my favourite as I feel it’s little more special is 1997 V3 WRX STI Type R, what’s a nice example worth..? Looking at this one pics attached.. very originalF2B0A951-4AFA-4C1E-9593-3E8AB1506050.jpeg945D039C-CCD3-41B5-AD98-63C08A5191FD.jpeg46873495-2A21-4CA9-B3D5-731FD46DEA0A.jpeg637917C0-F033-4493-8C00-66B24C054863.jpegFEA7BB9B-2924-4B1B-B162-1421FAD2BD38.jpegE878D59C-6587-46BD-8DC1-F2300B8F5CFD.jpeg


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That's a nice looking car @Arti72 :thumb
Can't help much with the values I'm afraid but I have seen Aussie 2 doors going for big money.