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Discussion in 'What Impreza model is this?' started by dvdt, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. dvdt

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    Evening all,

    Hopefully going to look at a wrx sti version 2 555 in the next week or so.

    Its been off the road for 3 years - 2 years in a garage and unfortunately 1 year outside so far.

    I have a bit of detail on it
    model code - GC8C4ED
    engine code - EJ20GDW5PE
    gearbox code - TY752VB4AA
    colour code - 53C
    trim code - 528

    Just wanting to check it all ties up and if anyone can point me in a direction of an official spec?

    So far I've collected the following information but again unsure if all of it is right or not:
    Black WRX bucket seats trimmed with grey Alacantra
    Black dashboard
    555 Blue paintwork
    Gold wheels
    No split rear seat
    Nardi leather steering wheel and gear knob
    black door handles
    manual windows
    no air con
    No ABS

    I have read in places it has
    shorter gear ratios or sti ratios?

    Its a limited edition but how many were made? Was it 500?

    It's fairly standard I think with the exception of a Stainless exhaust and 4 pots up front (which might be standard (?) and on 93k

    Finally - any ideas on price as they seem to vary a bit. Needs painted. Slight rust on back arches.

    Cheers :)
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  2. type-ra

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    West Yorkshire
    From the model info you've given it sounds like a 555 STi.


    Lo res brochure is here & you can see all the bits the car would have from new.


    No DCCD on a 555 - think of it as a regular STi V2 with a roof vent & in 53C.

  3. dvdt

    dvdt Type RA Member

    Thank you

    I spent a bit more time on google and 'think of it as a regular STi V2 with a roof vent & in 53C' seems to be the best answer!

    Just need to find some for sale and get a rough value now!
  4. MattyB1983

    MattyB1983 V2 STI RA Vlimited.

    How much paint does it need ???

    A small amount of rust on the rear quarters might not look bad, however with Impreza's the worst of it can't be seen. A little bubble quite often turns into a big repair.
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  5. dvdt

    dvdt Type RA Member

    From what the guy says the bumpers both need some tlc and he mentioned bubbles on the rear arch. No idea on the extent yet but hopefully just superficial.

    Also hopefully the rest of the car will polish up so it doesn't need a full respray

    Read horror stories about the inner rear arch and around the rear strut tops.
  6. tekkerchrede

    tekkerchrede V-Limited Member

    Exactly. If it bubbles on the edges, it is likely to do even more up around the strut.
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  7. dvdt

    dvdt Type RA Member

    It's my mates, dad's friend that's selling it and he's had it a while. Should be an honest enough car. Just needs a good check before any commitment from me

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