WRX STI RA for sale

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  1. TomL

    TomL Type RA Member

    Looking to sell my STI RA

    won this car of dream car giveaways this company has given away about 300 cars so far roughly and If anyone knows this company they don’t sell rubbish cars they give away the best of the best no crappy examples if you follow them they make sure the cars are in tip top condition before they get picked up.

    This can be said about this car in amazing condition no rust in sight

    Can send anyone spec list if really interested

    Car has 116km so about 70k miles owned the car for about 5000km and have serviced it with fresh oil and filter less than 1000Km ago

    About 310bhp

    Has had full engine rebuild with forged
    Mahle pistons got invoices over £8000 spent and believe that was less than 10k km ago have to double check

    Hard to put a price on it but I’m look at £8000 and considering that was spent on the engine rebuild think it’s a good price

    I am struggling to put a price on it so feel free to let me know if it too much or too cheap lol. It won’t be taking stupid offers as been told this is the ball park figure for this car in this condition

    Been garaged until summer recently but every night still go under a car cover just in case

    Any questions let me know

    Number is 07515415081

    If you would like more photos WhatsApp me and il send more pics

    This car has been on this website by one of the previous owners so has some history on here

  2. JamesL91

    JamesL91 V-Limited Member

    Milton Keynes
    Blimey, seems cheap! Especially with a forged engine. Fair play, I’d have thought it would go quick but I’m no expert :)
  3. TomL

    TomL Type RA Member

    Yeh goes very quick amazing car and Yh I’m struggling on price I would like more but don’t know what to value it at
  4. JamesL91

    JamesL91 V-Limited Member

    Milton Keynes
    Lol, sorry, by “go quick” I meant sell quick.

    I’d start at 9k personally. Can always go down, never up.
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  5. Chris.air

    Chris.air V-Limited Member

    Very nice win :bow I’d keep it if I were you only going up in price. :thumb
  6. shanemc

    shanemc V-Limited Member

    croydon surrey
    8k looks a bargain for that
  7. sc86

    sc86 V-Limited Member

    thought this would sell the day you put it on facebook , nevermind week or 2 later , you not get any viewers yet?

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