wrx ra 555

Discussion in 'General Impreza WRX chat' started by spence275, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. spence275

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  2. Burt2000

    Burt2000 V-Limited Member

    Is he having a Laugh? Looking near £14k....fits ditch finder tyres:banghead: it’s little details like that, that just put me off right away.
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  3. msisleman

    msisleman V-Limited Member

    I'm confused as to which model this actually is.... Colour coded door handles and a rear wiper, but apparently has fifth injector, and a Type RA decal on the back......
  4. funkyrimpler

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  5. 53R

    53R Enthusiast

    Welded up a few holes there lol. Do they not have FM in Ireland :p
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  6. type-ra

    type-ra Administrator

    West Yorkshire
    Look like a V2 555 to me with another fantasy ad title:(
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  7. Burt2000

    Burt2000 V-Limited Member

    Yeah I’d like to see a few pics of underneath tbh. Always raises suspicions when they don’t add them, especially when looking that sort of money,. I would be expecting it to be fully restored underneath if asking near £14k. The MOT history doesn’t look like it’s been cherished either.
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  8. benji

    benji Type RA Member

    V2 555 with skirts /Spats removed and welded over the holes .
    Looks clean and tidy but isn't a 14k car. 7-9k but I'd imagine it's had fair but if paint.

    Would be smart with the original sticker option fitted
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  9. sc86

    sc86 V-Limited Member

    he had it advertised as a ra with optional electric window pack at first
    no engine bar picture - looks tarted up
    7k be plenty
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  10. Burt2000

    Burt2000 V-Limited Member

    Now on ebay with a starting price of £6500, seems to be more realistic now than 14k!....although still no underside pics, i've asked for a few out of intrest. She looks good up top but id like to see the arse too. :nerd:

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