wrx or sti ra???

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    hi im not sure if mine is a wrx or sti. its a 95 the engine code is ej20gdw5hj,the aplied model no is gc8c47d,and the transmision type is ty752vb4ba. it doesnt have sti interior or roof scoop but does have water spray a/c roll cage. ive looked here...http://www.catherineandken.co.uk/sti/wrx.html but i just got more confuised. any help would be good. thanks
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    From the info it's a WRX Type RA.

    Water spray is std on WRX RA

    Roll cge is not std :lol:
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    agree with scoob the chassis no indicates wrx type ra
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    Hi all, first post -
    I have the same model numbers as stated above.

    From what i can find, the WRX RA had the EJ20GDW4HJ engine. I have 2 cars near identical, and for the older one I have found information tying up all of its numbers to be a Version 1 WRX RA, registered on an M plate. (GC8C47D, EJ20GDW4HJ, TY752VB3EA) I recently bought this car to use as parts for my other one, but now think I'll keep her going/sell her - needs a little work first.

    I have owned the second car for nearly 13 years, which was sold to me as a V2 STI type RA. However recently found out its just a V2 WRX type RA given the model number. But, the engine number is EJ20GDW5HJ, with GC8C47D and transmission type TY752VB4BA. All these number are from the ID plates on the inner wing.

    My question, is my second car with the DW5HJ engine a V2 WRX type RA - with and STI engine? The DW5HJ engine as stated on http://www.catherineandken.co.uk/sti/wrx.html, comes under the STI models for version 2's?

    It's had induction kit and decat exhaust fitted, and dyno'd sometime ago at 290bhp. if the info on the DW5HJ engine is correct, its 275 standard, so would seem to tie up with a 15 bhp increase from the mods.

    Any info would be gratefully received.

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    Might be an old thread but I was also asking myself the same question from the info on the engine list ... http://www.catherineandken.co.uk/sti/wrx.html

    In that it looks like the 1995 WRX RA and the STI RA were fitted with the EJ20GDW5HJ ..... My 1995 WRX RA has this engine

    Pity it didn't have the gearbox as stated on the plate....but that's another ongoing story
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    West Yorkshire
    The MY96 WRX RA should have the 4HJ engine while STi RA V2 has the 5HJ engine.
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    That what I understood from the chart.... but this is on my plate....and my car is an RA.... and a 95 car

    https://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/crF1U4

    You will have to forgive me getting familiarized with the car as I have only had it a week and in that time discovered it wasn't fitted with the right box.....

    and just now I ran the number regards GC8C47D

    Which is saying the car is a WRX RA 'STI'

    Which it clearly isn't....no DCCD control...no roof vent

    Hmmmm...... Something fishy going on......will check the block this weekend.....hoping I find what I am supposed to find.....and check the engine bay tag.....for being swapped out

    Ah ha......because its not an MY95 RA....... Its an MY96 RA.....the vin checker confirms all the data on my plate ...5HJ


    Though it does contradict itself on another page regards engine and says 4HJ...... I dunno?
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    Which? One on this site?
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