WRC at Prodrive

Discussion in 'Impreza site news & updates' started by Keith, May 17, 2019.

  1. Keith

    Keith V-Limited Member

    East Yorkshire
    Bollocks. Was 20 miles away from Prodrive today but didn’t know this was on :swear::swear::swear:

    8F098EB0-1472-4959-B8B2-A85F4ABD3E62.jpeg 6F1FE681-A968-480F-8E08-ADC21562397F.jpeg BD74D0DA-744F-4135-8E65-EE71CBA8026C.jpeg
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  2. Michael Joyce

    Michael Joyce V-Limited Member

    Wow indeed ! I'd have loved to have seen that. Had no idea it was on :(
  3. PeteRA

    PeteRA No1 Graham Norton show attender

    Very nice indeed :thumb
  4. benji

    benji V-Limited Member

    Blimey what was this in ade off ? A lot of cars to round back up home lol
  5. 16vKarlos

    16vKarlos Type RA Member

    East Sussex
    Why aren’t these things widely advertised... I’d have driven up for this event.

    Love the photos
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  6. knuckster

    knuckster V-Limited Member

    I asked Jackie (Prodrive) that question at Speedmachine recently, They don't have anywhere near the amount of room they had at the old place so try and limit the amount of cars attending events.

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