Wind deflectors or not?


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I have them on mine, absolutely mint bar the tape underneath is like plastic and it's only the clips holding them on now.


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I don't mind them tbh, I think that they add to the retro look of an older car. That said, I removed the ones on my car because they were all brittle and full of cracks. Pain in the arse getting the residue of whatever was holding them on removed.


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the go out in the rain??!! :rofl:
Bwah ha ha.....what i should of said is that i literally have them on all my stuff, i have set on my work van and they are great in the rain for venting the cab, mainly from fart dust.

I have them already on my impreza, to which i have a mint set of headlight protectors to go, i seen they do foglight lenses too which would be good if i had fogs........its a sad way to be......mine need resticking but that old sticker is a pig to get off, i took it off a set for a rav4 and my fingers were gimped.

So my ultimate spec is wind deflectors, headlight protectors, custom sun shades, all i need to go with it is a bumbag and some high shorts.


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Like most say, it's a personal thing. I prefer the lines of the car without them.

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I like them on GF8's wagons but not so much on GC8's.
If your car has fresh paint then I would say no,
But I would only but new ones on a car and not old wind deflectors as the get brittle with age.