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  1. gforsyth1980

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    was just wondering what the difference is between a sti v7 type ra and a sti v7 type ra spec c is?

    thanks Gary. :cheers:
  2. Suberman

    Suberman Moderator

    Hi Gary, the difference are as follows:

    V7 STI type RA
    Wheelbase 2525mm (3°30 castor)
    Track F/R 1490/1480mm
    Weight 1400kg
    Turbo VF30
    Power/Torque 280ps @6400rpm / 373nm @4000rpm
    Viscous LSD centre differential
    Front & Rear Suretrac LSD
    225/45R17 Bridgestone RE040 tyres
    STI gold wheels
    2 Airbags
    4.5L intercooler water spray tank in engine bay
    Regular body and glass panels
    60L petrol tank
    Steering rack ratio ??

    V7 STI type RA Spec C
    Wheelbase 2540mm (4°50 castor)
    Track F/R 1490/1485mm
    Weight 1310kg
    Power/Torque 280ps @6400rpm / 384nm @4400rpm
    Turbo VF34
    Viscous LSD centre differential (or DCCD with 44F 55R split but no ABS)
    Front Suretrac LSD / Rear Plated mechanical LSD
    225/14R17 Bridgestone RE070 tyres
    Forged BBS gold wheels (or 16" steelies w/o Brembos but with DCCD)
    No airbags
    12L intercooler water spray tank behind rear seats
    Lightweight roof and thinner glass panels
    50L petrol tank
    Steering rack ratio 13:1

    I'm not sure of the suspension details and I can't confirm if the STI RA had the quick steering rack (13:1) like the Type RA Spec C. I'm still looking for the information, but i have a feeling it doesn't.wot

    Basically the STI RA is based on the JDM STI but with a few stuff deleted to save weight, but the Type RA Spec C was the 1st Subaru to bear the Spec C name and is a totally different animal and in my opinion one of the most hardcore Subaru STI has ever built. :bow

    See here for performance comparison between an STI RA and STI Type RA Spec C http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PP-Gbj-sHgE

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  3. Tony1968

    Tony1968 Type RA Member

    The biggest difference is the fact that there are no versions of this car, so when your saying version 7 your totally confusing yourself and the issue.
    So as we have now stopped using versions (they finished at 6 with the classics) we will go for Model Years :cheers:

    The STI Type RA was an MY01 car, the STI Spec C type RA was an MY02 car.
    They dropped the RA on the MY03 cars, but MY02 was the first Spec C and the MY01 was the last STI RA and suberman has the other info you need.

  4. Suberman

    Suberman Moderator

    Agree Tony, and i still see lots of people refering to the hatch as Ver10 or is it 11?:loll:

    And before you go pointing out me using V7. I'm using that for the OP's easy reference.:mrgreen:
  5. gforsyth1980

    gforsyth1980 Type RA Member

    im loving my new bugeye (v7) lol type ra, completely different drive to my classic wrx ,the wrx has a apexi power fc ecu, apexi air flow and filter, full decat and manifold, mapped by Andy Forrest running 1.1 bar. bugeye is pretty much standard just now.

    thanks for pointing out the differences between spec c and type ra, just wanted to see how they compared :D

  6. Tony1968

    Tony1968 Type RA Member

    Suber, yep the hatch would have been like a version 14 :loll: but people call a uk car a v9 for a 2005 car, its so annoying due to the ammount of differences between UK/US and JDM models, I dont know why people still use versions, when they order the wrong parts thats what makes me laugh :loll:

    Gary, if (and its a BIG IF) they still used versions for the JDM cars (they do for rallying, hence you get S10, 12, 14 etc) then the RA would have been a version 7 and the Spec C would have been a version 8 and the first twin scroll cars would have been version 9's so a total givaway ;)


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