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    Okay i think this is the right place to post this. So I impoted a 97 GF8 sti from Japan awhile ago. But there are still things that are on this car that i cant really explain. If anyone can clear this up for me that would be cool.

    First up. There is this subaru logo on my speedometer that i cant find on any other gc8 or gf8 speedo. And i cant find any info on it either. besides it being a subaru logo, was it suppose to represent something? like the year and model of the car?


    Second. The car seems to have a couple prodrive parts. I understand in the UK prodrive sti's were available but im not sure about japan. My car has ProDrive suspension, steering wheel, and front lip. Was it a special trim available in japan or???


    Third off. And maybe this one isnt important. But it still grabs my attention. Can anyone explain this badge?



    And last of all. My option code. Ive searched it up and it doesnt seem to match what i can find. As you can see in the photo, it says "MJC". And from what i was able to source online, the only option codes i can find for this model and year was MJ and MG.


    So maybe im just bad at researching. But all of this has left me in the blue and i kind just want to clear it up. Sorry if i asked any noob questions. And thanks in advance!

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  2. type-ra

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    Welcome @Jestony :thumb
    It's just an aftermarket sticker. No significance unfortunately.

    There were no specific Prodrive GF8s, the first was the JDM Prodrive Bugeye.
    Suspension & steering wheel will have been added in JDM land, but the front splitter is the regular STi V3/4 one with a Prodrive decal.
    That's a decal from a newage. Looks to be from the Spec C Limited from memory.
    Edit! It's the V-Limited: http://www.type-ra.com/impreza-spec-c-v-limited-brochure/

    MJC is correct for your car. The "C" in the code is irrelevent & can be ignored:thumb
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  3. Chris__p

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    That's the team arai edition badge from a new age car
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  4. tekkerchrede

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    I might be rude, but this is the only thing really interesting. They should be very good and command a good price in case of a sale. Rest is just stickers as said above. However, Prodrive has a subsidiary company in Japan, or at least a franchise allowed to use the name.
  5. Jestony

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    No worries. It is what it is. I mean i have owned the car for a year now and i only think it is as much as an sti. Not anymore than that. Thanks everyone :)
  6. type-ra

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    Still a nice car though:thumb
  7. tekkerchrede

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    Agree. Also the speedo sticker is quite tasty, just the steering wheeel that looks odd. :)
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  8. type-ra

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    Yes Ted, maybe I could make some of those:thumb
  9. tekkerchrede

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    How dare you?! :lipssealed: Yoshi would turn in his grave (after dying in shame of no more GC8's to assemble)..

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