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  1. Lt_Pliskin

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    Lots now sold from the RA, thought it would be easier to start a new thread with what’s left, especially with the other one now a few pages long!

    Really need to get this final lot shifted as the garage needs clearing and these bits are now taking up loads of floor space.

    All parts removed and ready to go!

    Alloy Wishbones
    STi 16” Original Gold Alloy Wheels
    Original Wishbone to Chassis Mounts (Anti Lift?)
    Helix Oil Catch Tank
    Original Gearknob and Gaitor (Red Stitching...overall condition ok but is worn a little)
    Rear Uncut Parcel Shelf
    V6 Front Bumper with P1 style splitter, cut for front mount. Also includes the fog covers which can go with it or sold seperate
    Front Mount Autobahn 88 Intercooler with all pipework. (Little sent to the bottom of the intercooler)
    Decat Downpipe (Very well made!)
    Inlet Manifold from Engine with 5th injector
    Original Coolant Header Tank (Great condition!)
    Original 7k ECU
    Autronics SM4 ECU with Anti Lag and Launch Control
    SPF1390K Superpro Bush Kit Brand New
    Brand New in Box Walbro Fuel Pump
    SPF1385K Superflex Bush Kit Brand New
    Brand New Header Tank Cap
    Throttle Body from V2 STi
    Grey Injectors and Fuel Rails
    Power Steering Pump
    Carbon Canister
    P1 Blue Bonnet Vents and Scoop - Will Need repainting
    Carbon Dynamics Air Box Induction
    Washer Bottle
    Front Grille Painted 53c with Pink Stars Subaru Badge
    Started Motor
    Brand New in Box Fuel Filter Genuine Subaru
    Radiator and Radiator Surround etc
    Orange Side Repeaters
    Radiator to Front Panel Mounts
    53c Mid Level Spoiler
    V3 Rear Bumper in 53c

    Also now have the Full V2 V Ltd Shell ready to go, ideal for rally car build or to restore if you wanted to? Comes with V5 in my name etc and paperwork

    Also have the full set of GENUINE door glass in VERY good condition!

    Would take me ages to price everything so no sensible offer will be refused! As and when I can I will add some prices but would rather get everything up whilst I try and do some research on what to ask for everything.

    Pictures available for everything, just message me and I’ll whizz them over. Will try and get them all uploaded here too.
  2. 53R

    53R Enthusiast

    What condition is the grille in ? :)
  3. Lt_Pliskin

    Lt_Pliskin V-Limited Member

  4. James Lowry

    James Lowry V-Limited Member

    @sc86 spoiler and wheels for you?
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  5. sc86

    sc86 V-Limited Member

    got spoiler - wheels be to dear to ship from uk
  6. Laupy

    Laupy V-Limited Member

    Lyme Regis
    Price on wishbones posted?
  7. 53R

    53R Enthusiast

    Does the grille have the rear locating tabs still. Otherwise I'll take it. :)
  8. Lt_Pliskin

    Lt_Pliskin V-Limited Member

    All tabs still in place, PM me if you want it, will sort out a price :)
  9. James Lowry

    James Lowry V-Limited Member

    Paisley Freight did a set of 17's for me for £75.
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  10. sc86

    sc86 V-Limited Member

    103stg they want now
    il get a set over here - im in now rush anyway

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