What have you done in/with your Impreza this week?

@Iain I used this stuff. Had I read the label properly I would have spotted that it can't be over-lacquered, which I would have preferred to do. It seems to have keyed well and it seems to have hardened quite well but I'm just a bit concerned how long it will last without a protective lacquer.

As Christian says, I used VHT on mine - not for the heat as such but mainly the colour. It's metallic grey but not glossy. was really pleased with the finish and durability. Pretty sure it was Halfords brand.

I have also used normal clear lacquer over it since re-doing my front ones and adding the AM stickers. No problems...

Rgds, Ade
This afternoon I called in to see how the car was progressing and I am pleased to say we are reaching the end (once the smoking issue is resolved):

My rebuilt TD05 20G will be mated to the car and this area cleaned:

New sunstrip :party:: worth a few bhp :D

The front mount intercooler has been cleaned of oil/water and refitted together with front bumper (must replace the latter as it looking a bit tatty):


PS the RA is in very good company:



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Mint innit :D Considering what I own, have driven and have owned, I think this is probably my favourite car. :) It's just effortless power and fun :)
The other day Amazon had some Swissvax at £40 so I treated myself to a pot. Wax on, wax off. View attachment 48260
Looking good I do like beading shots. Tho At a 1/4 of the price you can have liquid hard wax from Nielsen :thumb and you can see how the bottom of the bead is rounded on the paint and not flat o_O

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