What have you done in/with your Impreza this week?


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I started getting the upper mount bolts in to take the weight but kept them slack enough to ‘wiggle’. I used a small car jack under the brake disc with a rag for protection and then jacked it up gently, at the same time pulling, pushing and swearing to manipulate the lower shocks position. Once I got the shock around the hub bolt area I jacked it one pump at a time to get the bolt holes close. I then used a thin metal bar to push through the bolt hole to help me aline it. Like you say, an absolute pig!!!
Glad i wasn't alone on it.


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Finished getting the daily ready for Fridays insurance start.

If your clutch feels like its slipping but no sure fire signs it is. Check your fluid. This was absolutely horrible. Like water. Also the bleed nipple behind the clutch reservoir was blocked and full of shit. Fresh brembo dot4 in. Also done the brakes and they were just as bad.

To be absolutely sure will re bleed in a couple weeks as got a another bottle spare.

Ermm ps fluid to do and alignment. . Jobs a gudun
Looks really nice, big fan of turnis..


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Finally got the bbs on with a new set of boots !
Massive thank you to @PeteRA
It now looks how I’ve dreamt it would look can’t wait to drive it some more


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