What have you done in/with your Impreza this week?


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Thank you very much @benji for coming with me and putting your expert eye over it :thumb
Feels good to be in a classic and know I’ve got a keeper now. Glad we got to see that stunning yellow R as well!
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Interesting to note it's on an R plate, as none were made after the end of July 1997?
Its the 3rd one I've seen on an R plate now, one other yellow, and one blue.
DVLA mess up again I guess?


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Started to snow here last night, we have a curfew so bugger, no late night drive.
This morning everything was already gone.

Solved also the mystery of my headlights.
For a while the highbeam bleu light turned on on my dashboard as I switched the normal lights on.
I tought it were the H4 connectors on the wiring, badd mass or so....
Changed them last week but the strange (bleu) high beam light stayed on as soon as I turned the lights on.

Checked again and in the end it were the small relays in the fuse box in the engine bay.

There are two one, HL. and HR.
Gonna put new ones in.
Can't open them but they sound tired after 21 years....


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