What have you done in/with your Impreza this week?


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Went over to TDR today in crap weather, fitted my GRP A back box and lovely tear drop mirrors , thanks to Ted @type-ra for those, they’re lovely Ted, great command so light weight too.

Thank god it’s off for the detailing tomorrow because it’s minging, even underneath.

The exhaust isn’t as loud as it was on my last RA which is nice, I’m guessing because it’s not the 3 Inch but boy it does sound lovely

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I would love to hear some sound clips from this exhaust.


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haven’t updated for a bit. Got some Blizzacks on the Speedlines, had a custom bracket for my OMP WRC-R XL on the driver’s side, fit the 260km/h Speedo and ver3 cf garnish to my cluster, and then worked on the engine bay. I had developed a crack in the end tank of the radiator so I replaced it with a Mishimoto unit, sprayed the radiator brackets and the belt shroud black, and the sprayed my ARC intake and installed it. Lots of work still to do in there but it looks a lot better IMO.

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