What have you done in/with your Impreza this week?


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Yesterday was downtown for a beer.Learning the car with the new setup and I must say that im pretty amazed on how neutral the car feels on cambered uphill runabouts which with the old setup was understeering.I think ALK and rear full pillowball setup played a big role on this.IMG_20201017_202716.jpg



John Halliday

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Have actually toyed around with the idea of getting an apexi Ecu and controller, not for chasing more power etc but more so for period correctness, was thinking more the lines of making sure the fueling is right etc, would you recommend one? Sorry I’m not clued up at all on Ecu’s and mapping..
People tend to run the Apexi Power FC down, mainly because the price is climbing these days and it doesn't have the same safe guards as an equivalently priced modern ECU. However, if you look after the car and the mapper knows wat they are doing, you can run anything from mild to wild on the power figures on them. Its basically an timing/fuel computer with a couple of extra things thrown in. Get one at the right price and your laughing.

I have mapped my old type R on one and it responded brilliantly. Plus the hand commander looks awesome (period correct!) on the dash.

I recently put one in my FD3S RX7 and again, no issues at all.

Personally I really love them. I use datalogit which is an external black box and software to connect up to the laptop so I can run a wideband connection and map from my laptop. it was about 300 quid for that from New Zealand. Well worth it as I have used it on several other POWER FC based cars in the past.

You will need to hunt for one as they are getting as rare these days. Or go to Nengun.com and buy one new from Japan if your feeling flush!! You could get a Link Ecu cheaper, but where is the "artistic flare"?!

PS I love Link ECU's......ad run one in my hawkeye. However, for a classic, I just adore the old school setup with a Power FC