What have you done in/with your Impreza this week?

Got mine out the garage, final wash / polish and wax before we set off to Germany for a weeks driving, hopefully put enough wax on to keep Covid-19 at bay...:whew::whew:

The Euro Tour 2020 is finally upon us @hugh & @Steve777 , long awaited
Car's all packed, clean and just tucked her back in the garage ready for the start of tomorrows adventure

(pic has been tweaked in to an oil painting style, just messing about with photo's)
Bit of an update...

The cleaning and tarting continues. Duncs cleaned up some of the scabby pipework, flywheel cover plate and also dismantled and cleaned up the baffled sump and oil pick up pipe. It came up pretty clean but to be fair it was only in for about 1000 miles. Stickers and bolts arrived for the brembos too so theyre now good for powder coating.8125128B-348E-43E8-8271-503AC818A144.jpegFB56D3A9-4608-45EE-8D97-5D4909BC159C.jpeg6040314C-5D91-40A1-B2BA-9F5F199A544D.jpeg5742FD80-8AAA-41DB-90D8-FED71C7FD24E.jpeg3F89CCDE-D46D-497E-A33B-F72A7D4DDFA8.jpeg7B994482-D52A-4777-9128-51430CCF8E42.jpeg36491ADC-4B35-472C-82C5-028F29566D5F.jpeg

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