What have you done in/with your Impreza this week?

Lamco gauges go to 1.5 bar for the later cars so that would indicate around 1.4. @asperformance will most likely know for sure :thumb
Im pretty sure the stock boost pressure is 1.0 Bar, then with a tune, the boost is 1.3 bar say for example. Could be wrong....
A nice surprise at the door today, all the way from Hayward & Scott in Basildon.

I asked them if they could use an original STI tailpipe and add it to a GC8 system that they produce, and they were more than happy to. Lovely hand built quality, very happy with the result.

Some jobs done over the last few weeks and these inevitably create new ones to be added to the 'To Do' list.

Front brake discs and pads (need to bed these in over the next few days before the car's first event on the 25th July).

Oil and filter.

Number boards prepared for Saturday:


Second hand strut brace tidied up + repainted (need to address some corrosion bits under the bonnet and source a better inter-cooler, probably STi version?):

Harness fitted (driver's seat will be changed as not ideal, but will do for now):

Good points: Progress with the brakes and with the new Yokohamas, I am looking forward to see how the car performs :thumb

Bad points: some corrosion issues need to be addressed sooner rather than later, expenditure on better driver's seat and front sub-frame :banghead:

Overall, for a £5,000 car not a bad place to start :cool:
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