What have you done in/with your Impreza this week?

Gone for a full fluids change, engine and transmission after running it for around 1k. Changed to Miller's stuff. Wanted to give it another good service as it was sat for so long and been in pieces also a lot
This thread is more like what I didnt do with the Impreza. Was lifting car up onto jack stands to get underneath for gearbox and rear diff fluid change, jack bust and car currently stranded with two stands at the front.

Considering just taking the car to get these fluids done, plugs are well and truly stuck, couldn't even shift them with a breaker.
Mine has been off the road for four and a half years, it's getting MOT'd today so just going to start it up, wish me luck. :(

Still not managed to get it started yet. Syphoned the old fuel out using syphon pump connected to the filter feed until air came out and then put in some fresh fuel but it still won't start. Plugs coming out now.

3 very wet and black plugs, 1 not so wet.
All cleaned up and ready to go back in. I'll put them back in tomorrow morning and see what happens.
Finally some more steps back to JDM spec.
Alloy bonnet with splitter and the IC spray pipework. And the front bumper from the same car, without the splitter unfortunately.

Both pieces look a bit rough but that's just bad paint and a lot of dirt. LHD 15:1 rack coming up next.

Really can't get my head around how light that alloy bonnet is. The weight saving continues.


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