What have you done in/with your Impreza this week?

Discussion in 'General Impreza WRX chat' started by ASJ, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. 53R

    53R Enthusiast

    Had it 8 years now :eek:

    It certainly changed my plans :D
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  2. benji

    benji V-Limited Member

    8! Years blimey ! This must off been one of the very few early gc8s with a 6speed conversion at the time,
  3. 53R

    53R Enthusiast

    I would think so and still only on about 33k miles :D
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  4. 53R

    53R Enthusiast

    With my yellow 555GrpA ones in a brochure box I imagine. :D
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  5. 53R

    53R Enthusiast

    ...or fashioning a new hairdo :D
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  6. type-ra

    type-ra Administrator

    West Yorkshire
    I had another delivery from Japan today:

    IMG_8280 (Copy).JPG
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  7. :giggle: Dean your a sticker whore:rofl:
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  8. Michael Joyce

    Michael Joyce V-Limited Member

    Started the improvement process, basics first:

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