WelDun1's Ver5 STi Type-R/RA Build


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WelDun1's Ver5 STi Type-RA Build

What's up all my Type-RA/R Enthusiasts! As a few of you have seen, I just bought a complete Ver5 STi Type-R(Clip with all the trimmings) to swap into a USDM 95 Impreza L Sedan.
For those that saw my first few posts on here, you'll remember that SUPER DOOPER NICE Ver6 STi RA WRC limited that I had almost bought, but ended up being a little too spendy for me. I really really wanted that Car too, but instead I bought the Type-R, and I do not regret it whatsoever! It's only had one owner, and only has 37k original miles on it. Everything about the car is very nice, and you can tell it was taken very good care of.
So this is going to be my "Build Thread"! I will be sharing the next few months of my life with you guys, and I hope not to bore you, and I will do my best to recreate this beautiful machine.
This first page will be all the specs of my car, and what I have done/going to do as I go along. So bare with me, and feel free to give your opinions, and PLEASE feel free to help me out with whatever problems I run into.

This is what my plan is. I am stripping the 95L that I bought(keep reading and you will see it) down to bare metal chassis. Then I will sand, prep, and paint the entire chassis white, and under carriage with a ceramic black coating and maybe white over that IDK. After the chassis is up to my standard, which is Roger Clark Gobstopper status, I will then start to fit it with all the parts from the Type-R that I bought. I will paint the Xmembers and rear diff with that black 2k ceramic paint from Eastwood, so that everything is nice and clean. NO RUST!!! You will just have to keep reading to see the rest. I have it all mapped out in my cranium, but things change and ideas arrise!
Hope you all enjoy!!!


-1999 Ver5 STi Type-R ej207dw1pr
-Wiseco Pistons
-Eagle Rods
-King Bearings
-A/C Delete

-Ver5 STi Type-R TY754VB1CA w/dccd
-R180 Rear Diff
-Stage 2 Comp Clutch

- Rotated Garrett gtx3071r
-TiAL .63ar hotside

-Custom Track Forged UEL Headers
-Custom Track Forged 3" Rotated Down Pipe
-Custom Track Forged 3" Rotated Up Pipe
-Custom Track Forged 1.5" Dump Tube
-TiAl 44mm MV-R EWG
-TiAl Q 50mm BOV
-Greddy FV Series BOV Limited JDM Silver/Red

-Docs Race Custom FMIC
-GMS Swap Radiator

-DeatschWerks 300 Fuel pump
-DW850cc Side Feeds
-Devils Own DV-30 Methanol Injection

Oil System
-06+ STi 2.5l Oil Pan
-KillerB Pick-up
-KillerB Baffle

Stiff Stuff
-Megan Coilovers 32 way adjustable or Stock Ver5 Type-R inverted Struts
-S201 Lateral Links
-S201 Trailing Arms
-Whiteline F/R Endlinks
-Perrin Motor Mounts

-Link G4 Plug N Play ECU
-Blitz I-D Boost Controller
-Blitz I-D Power Meter
-Blitz Dual Turbo Timer Boost Gauge
-ProSport JDM Series Gauges
*Oil Pressure
-Relocated Battery Optima Blue Top(Specialty Battery)
-Custom Grounding

-Ver5 STi RA Crank Down Door Cards
-Grip Royal Halo Steering Wheel
-NR»G 2.8 Quick Release Hub
-NR»G Subaru Hub Adapter
-WC LatheWerks Custom 7" Double Bend Shifter Extension
-WC LatheWerks White Copolymer Sphere Knob
-Takata Drift 3&2 Bolt-in Harnesses
-Alcantara Covered Pillars/Headliner/Rear Speaker Shelf
-Custom made Rear Seat Delete

-Resprayed Aspen White(51E)
-Ver6 STi Front Lip
-Shaved Antenna
-Quick Release Front Bumper

-4/2 Pot Type-R Brakes
-White Box Slotted Front Rotors
-Custom Track Forged Stainless Steel Brake Lines

-Ver5 STi "16x7+53 5 Spoke Goldies
-205/50/16 Potenza RE11

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Re: WelDun1's Ver5 STi Type-RA Build

Here's the car before it got cut....


This thing is legit! Never been modded except for the Boost controller and Turbo Timer! One Owner.. doesn't get much better.
Now that I have your complete attention, keep reading and I will reveal the man that made this all possible! The man with the BEST JDM CLIPS/PARTS In N. America!

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This is what it looks like after being chopped and screwed! Sad I know, but I promise it will get better!


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Are you guys ready for it!?! I sure in the hell know that I am. Just got the word that the shipment has set sail to its final destination...MI CASA! Here are the pics of everything packed up...
I'm getting antsy as all hell

So if it left 5-10-13 from Montreal Canada, I'm guessing that it'll take about 2 days to clear Customs, get into New Jersey where it will switch trucks, and then another 3-4 days to travel across country to the super Fresh North West, and into Portland where I wait with a smile! I'm hoping for a Monday the 20th arrival. Let's see how close I am. Anyone down for a pool on arrival dates?!?
I got the 20th!

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I haven't been going very fast with the shell dismantling. It kind of blows that I don't have a garage, meaning no room to put all parts removed, also meaning an outside build.(Maybe) I do live on 3 acres so its not that bad, but worse case scenario, I build it in my portable garage with the tarp and do the build inside of that Also my neighbor has a decent size shop and I may be able to do the build in there.

Things on my list to buy for preparation of the build:
-New Engine Stand

Paint/Body work supplies
-Base Coat
-Clear Coat
-Eraser wheel √
-DA Sander w/interface pad √
-600/80/40grit s.paper √
-Body filler √
-Red/Grey scuff pad
-I bought some VHT WRINKLE PLUS Red for the Intake Mani/Turbo
- STi Cherry Blossom red paint from IIRC √

-Dremel tool and bits for PnP √
-Dye grinder

Engine Parts
-Wiseco Pistons
-Brian Crower "B Rods"
-ACL or POWER ENTERPRISE F1 Main/Rod bearings
-OEM EJ207 Head gasket kit

-Kelford 199-J Cams
-Brian Crower Ti Valve springs/retainers
-BC Valves
-BC Cams Gears
Once I get the block out, I'm dropping it off at M&B Cylinder Heads For Cylinder Honing and to have it Decked. They have the best reputation around for Head work. They use quad diamond abrasives for the Honing, as well as a Plateau Brush to knock out all the cross hatch high peaks so that the piston rings seat better, and allow for a faster more reliable break in.

-Killer B Baffle & Pick Up
-Killer B pan, maybe just an 06 STi pan
-10mm modified high flow oil pump

-Walbro 255lph pump
-Injector Dynamics 1000cc
-Fuel Lab Regulator
-Russell Fuel Lines(Blue & Red Anodized)
-Cooling Mist Water/Methanol Injection

-Link G4 Plug n Play ECU
-Clip came with Blitz boost controller & Dual Turbo Timer/Boost Gauge
- Prosport "JDM" Series Gauges
-Wideband A/F
-Oil Pressure

-S201 Lateral Links/Traling Links
-Whiteline Tie Rod Ends & Ball Joints
-Whiteline Bushings
-Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit
-Whiteline Heavy Duty Sway Bars
-Ultra Racing Rear Strut Bar
-Ultra Racing Rear Diff Brace
-Ultra Racing Rear Floor Brace
-Carbing Chassis Braces
-I have Megan Coilovers, and I have the Type-R inverted struts, I would really REALLY like to get the S201 Pink 4way adjustable struts w/Pink Gymkana Coils

-Custom Rotated Down/Up Pipe from TRACK FORGED w/ dump tube/38mm TiAl Wastegate
-Custom DOC Race Headers w/ V-Band Up-Pipe connection
-Custom 3" V-Band mid pipe
-I have an Apexi N1 Catback, I will probably just use the axle back until I can afford a Fujitsubo Ti, or a Kakimoto Ti Catback, or just put a Straight pipe out the side and call it a day! :banana

Apparently, this Type-R has been taken very good care of. Its only had one owner, & only 37k miles on it, which is basically brand new. But bcuz it is a Type-R, there really is no telling if its been driven hard or not. Some people want them just to have one, and others want them bcuz they want to drive hard. I'm hoping for the first one.. lol
I have a strange feeling that this guy drove the car for 60k km's, and then swapped the Ver5 ej207 out for a Ver7 ej207, and put the Ver5 back in when he sold it to me. I don't know how to explain it, but I just have this feeling that's what happened. There are also a few signs of him having a cage, or at least a Harness bar installed, because i found a couple eye loop bolts in the glovebox, which to the best of my knowledge are only used for Harnesses. Then again, Its impossible to know what this car has been through, he could have just drove it on the weekends at the track or something... But one thing is FOR SURE, the engine is in Remarkable condition! I've yet to see another Ver5 Type-R that has as clean of an engine as the one I own! We won't know 100% tho until I fire this bad boy up, and lay some Potenza RE-11 Rubber down :)

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Here are some pics of the 95L 2.2l AWD sedan that I picked up for $300!!! I know what some of you might be thinking, Im putting a Type-R into a Sedan, right?!? Well, when you find a super good deal on a shell car as nice as this one, you don't pass it up. And besides, I wanted the Type-RA WRC limited anyways, so I am going to make it an RA! Basically the same car, with minor differences.
So as you can see, this dent in the door
And group of bumps/dents by the tail light are the only blemishes on the entire body! This one by the tail light may be a P.I.T.A to smooth out. I'm hoping to use little to No Bondo. Just gimme a Hammer and Dolly and watch out!

The tires had about 80% tread left too! That was worth the $300 alone!

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Starting to take the interior out
Engine runs really good, I drove it 220 miles home after buying it and no weird noises or anything!2.2 w/dual ports guys! Up for sale$250 obo

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Jesus,I sure am glad I was able to take my pick of around 50 WRXs for sale when I bought my V5 RA!
You yanks sure missed out on the classic WRXs!
I think it had something to do with the left hand drive thing?


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Jesus,I sure am glad I was able to take my pick of around 50 WRXs for sale when I bought my V5 RA!
You yanks sure missed out on the classic WRXs!
I think it had something to do with the left hand drive thing?

There are stories and rumors about why they never made it over here. None that I can confirm, but I don't think it had anything to do with LHD bcuz they actually made LHD GT model, and I'm pretty sure I've seen a LHD Classic WRX in Germany.
Anyway you look at it, it Sucks Donkey Balls! The 2.5 RS was the highest model we received, and it isn't that fresh if you ask me. Ive owned one, and my 2.2L Coupe that I have is better in most aspects. The ej22e has to be Frankensteined to boost it, but the ej22e is a stronger engine than the ej255. Not the 257 thats in the USDM STi, but the RS ej255. We almost got a turbo version called the RX, but they changed their mind after the auto show that introduced them. The 2 original RX's that were at that show are still on display at some Subaru/Auto Museum in the Mid-West or somewhere.

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I need to go buy an Air Compressor before I can continue my shell. I haven't even yanked the block yet. Haha its just hard to drop $300+ on a Compressor, when I have thoughts of rebuilding the bottom end of my ej207, not to mention the Brian Crower stage 2 cam kit that runs about $1200. I already ordered the Apexi PFC thank god that chunk is outta the way. You have no idea how bad I want to just tear into the shell. I actually already took a lot out, but when I went to DMV for the title change, they said the car had to be ther for a VIN Inspection, so I had to put it back 2gthr. Smh so eFFn retarted! The car has bad tags, and no insurance, wtf am I supposed to do!?! Risk the drive I guess.. all for the love of Subaru's! #YOLO

I Cancelled the order on my Apexi PFC, and instead I decided to go with the Link G4 Plug n Play. And also decided to go with the Kelford 199-J cams instead of the BC's. The Kelfords are WAY better. Sorry Brian Crower, but they just are.

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