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Hi everyone, long time stalker, new member here. Looking for a Type R in decent condition (preferably no rust, minimal abuse) with less than 150,000kms. Fewer mods is probably a good thing, doesn't need to be a limited model, though it'd be awesome if it was. V5/V6 is also preferable, but I would consider something older for the right price. Has to be running and registered, I'm not interested in finishing someone else's half-started project (sorry, not sorry)

Budget is around €14k or £11k and I'll be importing to Germany (more mods makes it difficult to register on the streets). Japan is still an option, though there don't seem to be many coming through at the moment.

I'm already working with an importer, now I just have to find the one for me...

This will be a long term project (probably 5+ years) and I'm looking forward to sharing the project with you guys! I want to make a youtube channel out of it, but I know that'd be a huge effort. There's a long mod list, which I'll be bouncing off people for feedback and ideas in the months to come. The plan is to get a pretty stock model and track the power and weight as I modify it, costly as that might be. I'm yet to come across someone who's taken the time to do something like that well, especially on an STi
Doubt you’d get anything decent over from Japan within your budget. Prices there seem higher than here. If you find a fresh import here for that sort of price I’d definitely want to see the auction sheet as I’d guarantee it was a grade R.
youd import a no limited 2dr for that money easy enough
any colour bar blue v5 or v6 is not that dear

a white v5 with 150kms would not be a dear car to import yourself , if one pops up
v5 and v6 limited are impossible to buy
rest of the colours are not to bad

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