Wanted: GC8 V3/V4 RA or Blobeye Spec C


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As above, I'm looking to buy either a GC8 v3/v4 STI RA or a Blobeye (preferreably widetrack) Spec C:

- White in colour, or possibly red for Spec C. Not interested in blue.
- Ideally sub 160k km and would need to provide me with the vin to do a carVX check to validate auction condition from import.
- Modifications I'm indifferent about, as long as they're done to a good standard. Any work done would need paperwork to support this.

If nothing comes up, I'll end up importing but figured it was worth an ask here first!




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There's a blob spec c in red that I know is forsale the guy selling it is called Paddy Mcknight he lives up in Aberdeen and he's on Facebook send him a pm on messenger .