Visit to Subaru Motorsports USA today for opening party

Discussion in 'Subaru Impreza Image Gallery' started by agrabau, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. edsel

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    Great Photos, thanks for sharing :thumb
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  2. agrabau

    agrabau STI V2 555

    HCT that is correct. It's just insane pricing. 5 way adjustment. Several sets. The trouble at least for me is that the tangs at the bottom of the strut are spaced for their special uprights.. and the special uprights attach to special control arms... etc etc. They'd have to be reworked to fit on any of my cars. Those are probably $15-20K sets new.
  3. hugh

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    I've been following / watching them all on Launch Control (YouTube) I've enjoyed watching every episode so far and even on the tv that new facility they've moved into looks unbelievable :eek:. Only on Episode 7.7 at the min and they won there first Rally X in the last episode so looking forward to the rest of the series. You are a very lucky chap @agrabau to have been to the new facility......:bowbow

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