VERY loud clattering noise!

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    Ok, so I stumbled across what could possibly be the bargain of the year last night around midnight on Gumtree! Let's just say that I set my alarm for 5.30am to drive a short distance to track the car down before anyone else had the chance!

    1993 WRX Import that was listed for spares due to a suspected broken gearbox. Rough around the edges but engine sweet as a nut (pretty sure the closed deck block too!) with 93k on clock which should be a mixture of miles and kilometres. Will need to CarVX it to see what it left Japan at to see if everything tallies up.

    Few scrapes and corrosion patches to bolt on panels...rear arches solid with no bubbling at all which was a surprise! Paint not the greatest in places but pretty straight.

    Fair to say that at the price it was advertised for I was going to be buying it regardless, but the sound that came from the gearbox was pretty horrendous! Lol VERY loud clattering noise as soon as the car turned over BUT once the clutch was depressed the sound disappeared? Can't select any gears...managed to get it into reverse but sort of shunted back bit by bit. No way it was going anywhere (had hoped to maybe find 2nd and limp it home...literally about 10-15 minutes drive) so recovery truck called and loaded on.

    Need to decide what to do with the car really...obviously I could break it up and make a decent amount from it, but seems a shame to do that if I could fix it and put what is becoming a rare classic back on the road in nice condition. I imagine it is a pretty early car so would be nice to keep it alive. Other option would be to take the engine with it being the stronger closed deck, build it to a great spec and drop it into another shell.

    Firstly, before any decision is made I'm wondering if anyone has any idea of what the biggest issue could be? Gearbox? Clutch? Any other ideas? Seller mentioned he had only had the gearbox fixed not too long ago so either it wasn't done properly or it's something else...maybe something not fitted correctly when repairing the box?

    Any ideas welcome!
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    oop north
    sounds most likely the gearbox has lunched itself and its the bits mashing around inside...........

    all of the v.early cars had the CDB it wasn't anything "special" at that point
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    Second alyns thoughts on deceased gearbox. If third gear gets damaged it causes the box to do all sorts of weird things. First thing I would do is dump the gearbox oil, if it hasn't got a magnetic drain plug stick a magnet inside to check for swarf.
    Closed deck blocks on std size bores can fetch strong money in good condition.
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    I think this car is now for sale on eBay?

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