Version 5 to S5 WRC bodykit

Discussion in 'Projects, modifications & how to guides' started by Godspeed, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Scotty75

    Scotty75 V-Limited Member

    Central region
    Looking good have you decided on what colour or colours the parts will be powder coated will you be going for a gloss or satin finish .
  2. Godspeed

    Godspeed V-Limited Member

    All parts are going black , not going for any loud colours lol
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  3. TYPERV6

    TYPERV6 Owner at The Project

    Wicklow, Ireland
    Looking great Ian. Any reason why you didn't go with the larger S5 vents?
  4. tbtstt

    tbtstt Type RA Member

    Just found this thread courtesy of another build and caught up with the progress so far. This is a build I have thought about for a lot of years and you look to be doing it with the sort of attention to detail that I would love to attain.

    Please keep the updates coming: can't wait to see what the finished car looks like!
  5. Godspeed

    Godspeed V-Limited Member

    Not had much time over the last few months to do anything with the car , as all my spare time ( not that I have much ! ) has been spent on my new house build , but have managed to spand a few hours on the car the last couple of weeks , it's looking sorry for itself at the moment on the ramp covered in dust !

    Anyway , gave it a lick of paint underneath , so from this


    To this




    will probably have another coat as it hasn't covered it 100% in a few area's.

    Got a few of the bigger bits powder coated locally



    The smaller pieces we'll do in house.

    Gave the fuel tank a clean up and a repaint


    Got the nuts and bolts and exhaust heat shield re-plated


    And joined the group buy on scoobynet for some Meister R coilovers.


    I still need to fix the captive nuts that broke off inside the chassis for the rear cross member , made up some plates with nuts welded to them , just need to weld them in place in the chassis I can then start putting it back together , probably have it finished just in time for the rain to start again , shame i've missed all this nice driving weather we've had !

    That's about it for now , hopefully will update it quicker than the last one lol
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  6. TYPERV6

    TYPERV6 Owner at The Project

    Wicklow, Ireland
    Great progress Ian... this sort of tidying work on the underside can really take time... looks to be going well though :thumb
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  7. funkyrimpler

    funkyrimpler V-Limited Member

    this is the most winningest thread on the forum...I'm thinking of getting mine repainted in this colour..looks awesome...
    Your car is shaping up into a real pant stretcher Ian.
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  8. PeteRA

    PeteRA V-Limited Member

    Yes Simon ditch that white thing you’ve got and go the colour Subaru intended :giggle:
  9. funkyrimpler

    funkyrimpler V-Limited Member

    quite...i think my fave Subaru colour is blue steel 86F...(But Audi do a really nice metallic graphite colour that's more sparkly!)
  10. Godspeed

    Godspeed V-Limited Member

    Started putting it back together last saturday , fixed the captive nuts in the chassis , was fairly simple to do in the end , I used a hole cutter in the boot , measured it , measured it again , and managed to drill the holes exactly above the captive nuts , so just need to get some grommets to cover the holes in the boot , not going to weld plates in as the holes are small enough , and grommets will give more of a factory look.
    To do the front bracket on the trailing arms , I cut a slot in the drain hole , put in my plate with the nut welded in with a long car aerial type magnet , got a bolt in , tightened it up , and plug welded it through the holed I drilled next to the bolt hole , welded the cross member captive nuts this way as well , ground the welds back and painted the chassis , happy with the way they turned out .







    Had to tidy the paint on the side of the chassis when doing the cross member nuts as the new paint was up in flames lol


    Looking better now it's going back together





    Managed to figure out where most of the bolts go !



    And cleaned up the rear diff with a wire wheel , and gave it a lick of paint , going to remove the alloy side and back plate and clean them up properly , have the bolts plated , and fit new seals


    I have bought a complete rear poly bush kit , so just need to powder coat the rear arms.

    I may have to remove the cross member yet , as I need to figure out how to run the pipe to fill the tank as I'm having a filler made to go in the boot , so will either go through the floor , or through the inner arch , need to get the car down off the ramp to see which is the better way , don't want a pipe up through the floor if it's too far away from the inner arch.

    I need to work out what size wheel spacers I need to make to get the wheels sitting perfectly in the arch's

    Just need to get the hubs stripped , bead blasted , painted , and fit new bearings , so hopefully by next weekend it should be back together.

    Cheers Ian
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