V6 Type R Project - S5 WRC Replica!


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The more I think about it the more reluctance I have to refer to the car as a ‘replica‘. In some ways it’s more a ‘tribute’ as there are certain compromises being made with regards to the final spec, which means it will not replicate a genuine WR car in full.
I am a long way from where your build is, but I have been referring to my project as "tribute" for the very same reason. I personally think "replica" is a rather overused term with rally cars, but that is probably a debate for another thread...

...spoiler looks fantastic and, although I have nothing to sit in the tray, it has immediately jumped onto my shopping list!


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Great work as usual Jamie , wish I'd held on until you had done the rear spoiler now , looks real nice.

Here are some inside pics of my old WRC car incase you fancy doing some more carbon lol

My rear tray had a sunken area under the extinguisher so there must have been some different types



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Hey Ian...

Thanks for the pics It's not too late to get a new carbon spoiler. I'm sure your GRP would sell quick.

I think the sunken area is the same on yours and mine. From what Howard in Autosportif was telling me, there used to be a monitor mounted there on the car originally, but become redundant not long in.

Some inspiration there alright for more carbon parts. We hope to have the door cars done in the new year, but plan on doing them as s complete part rather than using the oem top section from a V3 door card (as they are hens teeth now).


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The latest part we are working on with is the S5 WRC carbon rear tray. This rear tray sits in the seat-base area of the S5 WRC car and is for mounting the data-logger and transmission ECU. It's never been re-produced before, so this is a first for owners of WRC cars in need of a replacement or for anyone thinking of building a full WRC replica.

View attachment 112751

We 3d scanned an original Prodrive part...

View attachment 112752

View attachment 112755

Then reverse engineered it into CAD before 3d printing the pattern in 3x pieces and producing the high temp carbon mould, seen in the final photo about to be post cured in the oven.

View attachment 112757

View attachment 112754 it

View attachment 112753

View attachment 112759

And finally... first part fresh from the mould & ready for my own car!!! As expected, fitment is spot on and the finish exceptional. This part weight in at a mere 980 grams and looks stunning in the period correct 4x4 twill as used by Prodrive on the original parts.

View attachment 112756

View attachment 112762

View attachment 112763

View attachment 112764

View attachment 112761
this is the one in my car as a comparison for reference


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this is the one in my car as a comparison for reference
I've heard there were varying types alright... the one you have been less common. What year is your car again?

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