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Hi All,

I have been building a Prodrive WRC S5 Replica since 2009.

A wee taster of the car from last summer (not much done since due to work commitments)...




This is a bit of a slow burn this build as my old job and a young family make finding the time to work on this near impossible. Certain financial limitations have slowed it too along the way. It's been fun to date... painful too with long spells of down-time due to other commitments... near death experience with the car tipping off its axle stand and nearly trapping me... two cases of severe arc eye... and the odd trip to the A&E. :p

I'm going to starting posting as much of the content about the build that I have documented on another forum back home whenever I can. Please bear with me as there is a lot of it.

It all began when I bought my V6 Type R back in 2004. I had a deposit on a 00 Type R with 18k kilometers on it when the seller disappeared with a substantial deposit and left me high & dry. The unfortunate thing was I had sold my then current UK Impreza Turbo to fund it and was car-less but hell bent on buying a Type R. Back in 04 in Ireland these were not the most common car and when one came up for sale up in Antrim I jumped at the opportunity and bought it.This may have been a slightly emotional & rushed decision, as I do pride myself for being good at spotting accident damage but the car I'd bought, began to give me trouble a few months down the road and it was then I discovered that the previous owner had crashed the car (DS front) and 'failed' to tell me.

The damage wasn't that bad... but I was never truly happy that the car would be 100% unless I took on substantial repair work. It had been repaired... but not to a standard I would have liked. On later inpection I discovered they had pulled the DS leg back into position which had weakened it and therefore the only thing for me to do was strip the front and replace the leg. It was at about this time that financially running a Type R as a daily driver was proving quite expensive so until I could decide what to do with the accident damage that needed tidying, I choose to take it off the road.

This is when it all went awry. I got the hair-brained idea that I should build a 22B rep. I spent nearly 2 years planning this with several trips to the UK looking at different kits. At the time a lad called Phil Chapman was doing very tasty Carbon 22B kits... but they were very pricey... but I was still keen to go that route.

Soon after meeting Phil I saw a white S5 replica on RCM's 'Cars For Sale' section. It was a customers car that had been given to Prodrive when new and converted using genuine Prodrive steel panels. Soon after I saw it Olly & Matt made the decision to use it as the basis as the Gobstopper. I was hooked though. No matter how sexy the 22B is... a WRC arched car was just 10 times better looking. Numerous phone calls to Prodrive to get them to reproduce the steel panels were to no avail.. they had stopped supporting the early cars and me nagging them wasn't going to change that. They did kindly put me in touch with Rodney in WRC Spares though. And the rest is history. I spent another year stripping the car and selling parts not required, so as to fund the new carbon/kevlar panels.

I was very naive when I began this... I've learned a massive amount along the way which I'll happily share... but I never thought the build would end up being to the extent it now is. The initial idea was to build a WRC replica that would be identical externally. Along the way... like a lot of good projects... it grew legs and got out of control. I planned to fit the rear quarter & sills... bolt on some front wings and two new bumpers... fit some spacers to widen the track... and hey presto... jobs a good un.

But I've learned so much along the way and realized that each problem once solved would create another. I also made the insane decision to fully strip the shell and go the caged, bare interior route.

11 years working in a job I absolutely hated... and a love of design and cars forced me to make the decision last year to quit my job and make this 'build' my business. I've been designing and fabricating so many bespoke parts along the way for this which gave me the confidence to go out on my own and start producing my own parts.I'm only 2 weeks into my new business but being able to combine this build and make it a sales tool for my business has been the greatest thing.

It's made something I've been passionate about for years and turned it into my day job!

So that's how it came about... and I'll start posting pics and info up over the next few days/weeks and try get it up to speed with were I am at currently at in the build.

Thanks for looking.



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What a project, when you know what is changed on a WRC! :) So you bought one and a half car due to the deposit thing or did you just want to cancel the deal?


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Thanks lad.

No I bought just the one. The first guy just vanished with my hard earned cash. He later sold the car but it apparently had been damaged at some point. Such a shame too as it was immaculate.


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The first job I took on long before I had sourced my wide arch kit was to source and fit a roof vent. I had purchased a genuine S5 Carbon roof scoop from Phil Chapman which set me back a pretty penny... the start of a long road of expensive parts :)

I then sourced a non-Prodrive roof vent as I'd heard how the real McCoy can leak as it's quite a basic piece of kit. So I found a more substantial alloy one in the US through a company called Primitive Motorsport. The key thing was that there would be no clearance issues with the scoop so after several annoying emails asking 20 questions to confirm it would work.. I purchased it. Thankfully I wasn't let down and after a full day of measuring and marking it resulted in a perfect position and fit.

I on the other hand I ended up in the A&E after molten metal off the air cutter stuck to my eye-ball! A week with a pirates eye pad was a hard lesson considering I'd being wearing protective glasses but had removed them briefly while cutting :p




A few months after that I had the find of the century. I had for approx 2 years being searching for 18" Speedline 2013 alloy's... but they are rarer than hens teeth. A trader on our forum then posted up he had 18" Speedlines for sale that he thought were a rally rim. He wasn't the most familiar with what he had as he was a drift boy but I committed to buy them without a pic or price... I just had a gut feeling they were what I was so badly after. I nearly dropped dead when I went down to get them as he had 5 x 18" Magnesium Speedline 2013's on offer and only wanted the equivalent of 200 pound. These were over 500 Sterling each when new. As you can see they are in need of a refurb and two of them have minor hairline fractures in them that I can get mag welded with a guy in York... but they are perfect otherwise and are feather weight. Best thing about them is they are ET35. He said they'd been on a 22B... I don't know were they originally came from though as WRC and Grp A Mag Speedlines would all have had a different PCD and centre bore... so I assume these were a special order rim by a 22B owner at some point.




A few more weeks later I got delivery of my Kevlar quarters from WRC Spares. The difference in the higher cut arch can be clearly seen in the first pic.This was a very daunting stage as it was now evident how much fabrication work was involved with re-tubbing the rear arches...





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Hi Jamie I want to fit a 22b style or WRC style front bumber on my MY98 Type R, non-wide arch. Do you sell these or can you point me in the right direction? Thanks, Steve


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Bit of a thread resurrection!
Can see Jamie hasn't been on here for over a year.
Does anyone know what became of his project and business?


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Thanks for the thread resurrection Iain ;)

Sorry to all for the lack of updates... been a manic last 12 months!

I'll try to get to get some updates up soon.
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