V6 STI RA WRC Edition..

Discussion in 'What Impreza model is this?' started by rudolfssau, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. RA Graham

    RA Graham V-Limited Member

    It's because of the Limited plaque on the lower central console it has WRC on it

    8-subaru-impreza-20-wrx-type-ra-limi (2).jpg
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  2. type-ra

    type-ra Administrator

    West Yorkshire
    Yes it is. People do the same with the WRX RA. They call it a 555 wrc because of the plaque
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  3. rudolfssau

    rudolfssau Spec C Type RA

    Not from the UK!
    Where i live, it costs 2k to register a car...
    So i’m right in the middle!
    I don’t know the dealer, maybe it’s alright!
    But 4,3k to register a car is nuts:eek:
  4. rudolfssau

    rudolfssau Spec C Type RA

    I saw one 555 Version 5 STI RA, it has a 555 plaque!
    Don’t know if it’s real...
  5. 53R

    53R Enthusiast

    This is my most favourite misquoted model with which to makes friends :D even the owners don't know what it's fucking called :mad::emo::rofl: pardon my Japanese :D
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