V5 sti type ra limited bare shell

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As some of you may know I purchased this v5 sti type ra limited and restored the rear end, iv just purchased Andy Steven's from ESL so this bare shell will be up for grabs

Now I can get the shell painted at an extra cost of 1k due to getting 2 other cars painted, but there may be a few minor touch ups needed before paint. The work carried out is both inner and outer arches, boot pan, rear end and passenger sills. I decided to do the full rear end as it made sence instead of cutting corners

The shell will be bare but i will include the front window, roof flap and wings. There will be no loom in the car. The shell was last MOT'd in August 2010 with the mileage on 104k kilometers.

I'm looking at 1300 for the bare shell or 2.3k painted and fresh for the new owner. I have videos of the work carried and more pictures can be taken if requested


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Hi is the shell still for sale ? if it is can you please call 07789550721 many thanks faz
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This is a coincidence, the number matches the same person I rang to buy a version 3 type ra (pictured in your profile pic) from over a year ago. Caught a train from leicester to leeds to get blanked when I arrived and had a wasted journey. Just pray we don't bump in to each, absolute time waster :swear:

Rayyan Khan

Ray Kahn
I've just seen pics on Facebook by the person who done the welding some job that .

Worse case scenario if it doesn't sell il get this back to stock after iv managed to source the parts lol

My other one is prepped and ready for paint so this shell will be a very slow project :giggle:


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What actually comes with the shell? Glass doors sub frames?