V3 sti gearbox swap

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    Hey so I have an sti v3 that has had a 04 forester gearbox put in it. Factory the car should have a 752 box and I’m going to put a v5/6 754 in it. Wanting to know if everything like axles and gear linkages, drive shaft etc will just slot straight in if I buy the 754 box? Or will they be from a forester and I need to find everything for a wrx? Cheers
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    Need a lot more info than that Boss.
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    Not being savvy with forresters I wouldn't know the rear diff ratio.
    I had a 754 box in my ra for a while, I used the 754's diff and linkage. I've bought three used gear boxes in the past and they all came with linkages. Matching the box, diff and shafts is the big concern
  4. Paul92

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    Your STI should originally have a short throw shifter but that works on any 5MT. I guess the Forester has a 754 5MT transmission but you should indeed check the diff.
    If you upgrade to a R180 diff you need to replace the rear shafts, mounts, hubs, you name it. Prop shaft will fit though.

    I kind of lack knowledge of gearboxes and rear diffs if it comes to the ratio. Is it safe to say that it's because of the front/center and rear diff need to match?

    For example, I can imagine the gear ratio itself of a '95 WRX is different than that of a STI RA from the same year even though they both have a TY752 box and a R160 4.111 rear diff.
    So basically a V4 R160 3.54 LSD would not work on a '95 WRX transmission?

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