UPDATED *** FOR SALE rules ***

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We don't have any particular problem with for sales - all pretty relaxed and unabused like the rest of the forum. :thumb

Couple of 'rules' that we would appreciate any adverts meeting -
  • You own the item
  • Must have an asking price
  • Must be a worded advert ie not simply a link to ebay/pistonheads/gumtree
Couple of 'guidelines' too -
  • This is a JDM Impreza forum - related items only please
  • Meaningful thread titles encourage viewers
  • We are an international forum so good idea to state location
  • Post pictures - people will always ask for them
  • Once sold - please update thread to say as such
Updated: Now the forum posts to Facebook please add "For sale" to the start of the thread title. This will notify Facebook users that your item is For Sale & as such they should follow the link to your advert:thumb

Please check back in here now and again for any updates...
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