UK barn find!

Discussion in 'JDM Auction Spy' started by type-ra, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. type-ra

    type-ra Administrator

    West Yorkshire
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  2. Fatharrydog

    Fatharrydog MY98 WRX Type R V-Limited 176/1000

    Given the corroded state of the engine I imagine it has sat in a barn for 13 years!
  3. D6ale

    D6ale V-Limited Member

    Looks like it, although alloy corrosion is easier to deal with than the usual corrosion on classics. Still, i think it would need a bit more recommissioning than is mentioned in the advert
  4. 53R

    53R Enthusiast

    Not sure about the colour :p
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  5. Prohibit

    Prohibit V-Limited Member

    Let's say it needs £4K being spent on it, you could probably knock him down to £9k. £13k for a low milage yellow type R doesn't sound too bad to me.
  6. Import Car Parts

    Import Car Parts Japanese Car Parts Specialist

    County Durham
    40,000KM and its missing all its stickers already, possibly been damaged repaired hence why its been stood so long
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