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Paul Lyons

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Hello Team. I thought I would introduce myself here.
My name is Paul, I'm 28 and from New Zealand.

Subarus were the first car to really get me into cars and motorsport.
I owned my first Subaru at the age of 14 in the form of a Tamiya Radio Control Car.
14 years later and I have just brought a bigger version!

This is my 1998 WRX Type R Version Limited Two Door Coupe for the Japanese Market.
The chassis code reads as follows.

It is Version Limited [HASHTAG]#373[/HASHTAG] / 1000 Celebrating Subaru's 97 World Rally Manufacturers Champions 3 years in a row.

It's done 174,000km and is in very good condition as most WRX's seen here in New Zealand seem to have fallen into the hands of kids in the boy racer scene. To be honest when I saw the for sale advertisement I thought the car would be a thrashed wreck being passed along. However being a 2 door coupe I had to check it out and was glad I did. Despite the crazy low and bumpy suspension and loud exhaust the car drove well and felt solid, It had been really well looked after. The engine was rebuilt 4000 km ago.

This car has most of the basic bolt on mods, 3 inch exhaust, intake, coil over suspension, front mount intercooler etc. It also has a bigger wing off a different model and aftermarket front lip and sideskirts. I'm not that fussed on the mods to be honest and will likely try and restore it to a more standard spec as I tidy it up. I brought it with the intention of doing some club gravel hill climbs and Autocross events. It may have an ECU chip I suspect as it is insanely fast.

Any way, enough talking, these are the pics from the 'for sale' advert.
Should I update this page with my progress or start another thread?
Let me know your thoughts. And advise what you would do with it!

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Thanks for the quick and welcoming reply!
I was lucky enough to find that original spec sheet before purchasing the car, so I knew what I was buying.
Finding out what it was actually lead to me snapping it up!

The last pic is of my old radio control car!
cheers, Paul
Cheers for that Matty.
For curiosity sake (definitely not arguments) What makes it not an RA?
You have seen the chassis code with the 7.

I thought these were built on an RA chassis with a Type R shell.
It's got all the roof vent, alloy panels, short ratio box, No DCCD or IC spray etc..
Yet it does have aircon and power windows.. A bit of a parts bitsa?

The guy selling it didn't have it listed as a Type R or and RA. Instead he listed it incorrectly as an STI.
There some differences between the equivalent WRX RA. For example it doesn't have the quick steering rack of the RA. It does have ABS and the RA doesn't. The RA is white only and didn't come in the V-limited blue in that year. The 2 door is 20kg lighter as well.
Good to know. Thanks heaps. I may PM you for more differences between what we have and the STi too if you don't mind?
So despite the 7 in the chassis code it is a WRX Type R Version Limited?
Yes type r. There is a my98 type r sti spec on this forum as well. From memory the sti has dccd and the r180 diff but no abs. They are the same power at 280ps. Also the sti has a forged engine. I love the abs on mine. Never tried a dccd car so i don't know what i am missing.

The 7 in the chassis code meaning 'RA' is total internet myth........

No need to PM for info - keep it open, the whole ethos of a forum :thumb

Rgds, Ade