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Discussion in 'Impreza wanted' started by some cook, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. some cook

    some cook V-Limited Member

    I am currently in the process of refreshing a V4 Type R as it has seen better days. I have admired many project threads across various forums over the years and it was reading these that have given me the confidence to attempt my own, but I will need your help :)

    I made a start by stripping the rear of the car and while I get repairs made to the bodywork I hope to use this thread for the parts I need to piece it back together.

    1. Other side of the fuel filler neck the cap screws into (Made a mess of this drilling the screws out!!)
    2. Fuel tank straps and plastic moldings
    3. Three fuel lines that run from the passenger side sill across the tank (Cut the middle one as I didn't know how to release the fitting...)

    1. Rear subframe (Spun the captive nut so had to cut this!!)
    2. Lateral link, nut and washers (Bashed with a hammer!!)
    3. Rear ARB bracket to chassis and bush clamp (Sheared!!)
    4. Drop link, washers and nuts
    5. Phillips screws that secure the fuel filler nozzle (Had to drill these out!!)
    6. Rear bumper beam (Spun the captive nut so had to cut 2 of these!!)
  2. tekkerchrede

    tekkerchrede V-Limited Member

    Hello and welcome. First we really like pictures on here.. :) You should feel very free to do your own restoration thread in that section. :thumb

    Regarding the desired parts, both @Import Car Parts and @asperformance are forum supporters and can get you all those parts. Some you might even save by welding on a new nut? But of course budget also has a word, I personally bought new for several of the parts. The quality of genuine Subaru parts are quite good, but they also tend to be expensive. At least that holds for the fuel tank straps!
  3. Andis

    Andis Type RA Member

    Where are you?
    I've a v2 wrx shell here with most those bits on but you'd need to come and remove them as I've not time.

    Just seen you're in Aberdeen so that's not going to work.
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  4. sti5300

    sti5300 Type RA Member

    Swansea, S Wales
    I am also putting a V3 Type R back to std after it was stripped. I had a V3 STI saloon and was surprised how many parts are common. Fuel tank, straps and sub frames though the rear might be different as it had an R180 diff, http://www.jp-carparts.com/ is a really good site to find original part numbers and you will be surprised how many are still available. I have the ring around the filler neck and screws if you need one, and rear arb bolts
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  5. some cook

    some cook V-Limited Member

    Thanks for the replies. I've been meaning to create my own thread for a while now and is something I will get round to doing I promise.

    I actually have a delivery from ICP coming tomorrow

    @sti5300 I'll send you a PM
  6. asperformance

    asperformance Site Supporter

    oop north
    In very general terms all of the variants 2 or 4 door use the same basic underpinnings
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