Tour of mull rally


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I’m gutted @Chris.air , I’m all booked up, but not going to make it by the looks of it! :mad:
Have a great weekend... plenty of pics please.

RA Graham

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Not been on Mull for a long time now and keep saying that me and my brother will go back one year but not to complete just watch, did as competitors for many years.


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I went on what I think if memory serves me right was the 40th Anniversary around 8-10 years back when they ran through Tobermory.
We did the whole 3-4 days. Was an amazing event and something Iv been meaning to revisit! Maybe one for next year now.

Anyone fancy a Type RA holiday with the Impreza’s drive a bit of Mull at the same time, have a blast and beers...


We could even watch some rallying :D