Tokyo Auto Salon

Discussion in 'General Impreza WRX chat' started by AdamT, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. AdamT

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    A few pictures from the Tokyo Auto Salon off Subaru Japans Facebook page. 26910117_1784338121637846_1177564596507690070_o.jpg 26678026_1784338231637835_4545606415795862281_o.jpg 26840867_1784351371636521_2707731135252182065_o.jpg 26685096_1784338314971160_8199905187835428605_o.jpg 26850430_1784338228304502_8974515443546123317_o.jpg 26758146_1784338241637834_5688252787243425659_o.jpg 26685641_1784338164971175_130473450894879324_o.jpg 26757988_1784338048304520_6019849887006673084_o.jpg 26757026_1784338324971159_3418532728259222712_o.jpg
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  2. type-ra

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    What a heritage:bow
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  3. JulioTypeR

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    Love VIZIV :inlove: :thumb
  4. MattyB1983

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    I've seen some pics of this show on Instagram... the classic impreza is wearing 'N1 WRC'.... How can this be ???

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