Suitable coilovers for bumpy tarmac, or stick with struts and springs?

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  1. BIlly

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    Hi guys.

    I want new suspension for my 01 bug wrx. It’s on all original struts and springs, but I’ve replaced all bushes, arbs etc so struts are last part to do

    Car is used for track days and occasional road drives, possibly local hill climbs next year. Has a type r 4.44 box so goes pretty well.

    I know there’s lots of similar asked questions but can anyone tell me if I did go down the coilovers route, if the settings were wound right back to fully soft for roads would it still handle ok

    I do not really want a teeth rattling ride, the Oem suspension is comfy enough.

    Or the other option I was thinking of is kyb ultra sr struts and decent springs

    Thanks for any advice

  2. Manxbelly

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  3. BIlly

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  4. benji

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    I’ve used kyb ultra sr on a bug Sti with H&r springs this was soft enough and still good grip I’d say great for daily cars and odd track day but now my wrx bug is meant to be used for exactly what you said so I went and used bilstein b14 coilovers on whiteline rubber top mounts and Sti on rear. The car is more rigid but not over the top I’ve used lowering springs that are harder . The b14 takes larger bumps fine no crashing or bottom out effects. I’ve not been able to get my own track yet due to issues but have done some B road boosting and feel like I have tones of grip but as a daily I wouldn’t bother as just that little bit stiffer.

    Don’t bother with the likes of Bc, yellow speed, or HSd or what ever names there using for same coilovers there. crap. I’ve tried BC on My evo 9 and ep3 they just rode poor. Rust up, are heavy .
    My evo9 had a brand new set which knocked on rear on small bumps when contacting them they said it was a small issue on the evo set ups and could upgrade to another rear top mount to solve it but I’d have to pay extra to solve there known issue!
  5. Joe v3sti

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    KW clubsport! That’s exactly what it was designed for. To be able to drive to the track. Do a track day and drive home
  6. 2pot

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    On undulating/uneven roads, comfort is an indicator of mechanical grip - the tyre contact patch is not being destabilized.
    What is often termed a coilover, is a strut, with in adjustable spring perch and a small diameter spring.
    An ill-considered relationship in front to rear spring rate, on a road car, causes pitch, and, if the spring rates are too high, a reduction in grip. The stiffest end of the car will slide first.
    A damper adjustment knob won't solve inappropriate spring rates.
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  7. benji

    benji V-Limited Member

    the kw v3 is meant to be absolutely great and with the cost to I’d hope so but these higher branded makes not Taiwan I’d expect them to suit the correct spring to damping ratio and cope with uk roads.
    A lot of the Japanese makes are not good enough for the uk as designed for the super smooth roads over there. I had hks hypermax with R888 tyres on a classic god it was awful went back to oem red dampers
    German made coilovers are regarded very well.
    I’ve messed around with lots of set ups over the years in different cars and believe it comes down to personal choice. One persons harsh isn’t another’s .
    Also your location to where you live / drive maybe totally different to others.
    I’ve found springs/ shock combo isn’t up for track work sets I’ve used yet I’ve found coil overs to much for daily and generally do not last .then looks to as let’s face it we all have personal choice how we like our cars to sit you can not deny thats fact really Which can compromise handling if to high or low

    It’s like tyres people don’t like large side walls or want 18s yet 17s on stock size rubber works best for ME.
    I’d like to try something like a Gab adjustable damper with eibach spring and group n mounts . This could be cool.
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  8. 2pot

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    Road use:
    KW V3 (not sti or clubsport versions) and Spec C, both - 6kg/mm front, 5kg/mm rear - still too stiff.
    Prodrive S05/D5/001 and RB320 springs 4.2kg/mm front, 4kg/mm rear - fine on undulating/uneven b roads.
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  9. BIlly

    BIlly Type RA Member

    Thanks boys. @Joe v3sti what weight springs do you use? Cheers
  10. benji

    benji V-Limited Member

    Agree on this,
    If you was sprinting around the Peak District or similar I’d totally agree and oem bars keeping the tyres on the ground and not skipping is key.
    And day to day roads
    But then you if you was doing a sprint event at Snetterton then you would be better of on coilovers and a stiffer spring as pulling harder G’s
    That’s why I always say it’s personal to people’s uses in my eyes.
    The old gab set up would work good in that sense as lower the damping for B road and turn up for harder events sane as a coilovers but which out having a 2.25inch wide spring.

    Please bear in mind these are my own personal thoughts from parts I’ve used on my own cars and my style of point and squirt it hard driving is probably a lot different to most better drivers

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