Strange steering problem


RA STi V5 Ltd
Latest updates:

1. Changed the PS Pump Pipework with no success on curing the strange steering feel and hissing sound from the steering wheel.

2. Went to the gas station few days after the Pipework change to adjust the tire pressure to F34/R31 psi. Found that the previous tire pressure was extremely low at way under 30 psi both F and R.

3. The strange steering feel is cured for around 90% I'd said after the tire pressure adjustment. I can't feel that when turning right but can still feel a bit when turning left with steering angle > 90 degree. However, it's almost negligible concerning the steering feel now.

4. The hissing noise is still there but is not as loud as previous. And it requires bigger steering angle to trigger the sound.

5. I can hear hissing sound from the PS Pump when I open the bonnet and put my ear near the PS Pump while someone is turning the steering wheel.


1. I was over confident that the issue was only related to the hydraulic parts of the steering system.

2. The PS Pump seems not to be in its 100% healthy state and hence inconsistent hydraulic assistance when cornering. It was amplified by too low the tire pressure, they created the strange steering feel together.

3. The hissing sound seems to be transferred through the steering rack to steering column to dashboard behind the steering wheel. PS fluid seems to be the media for transferring the sound.

The above are just my guess..., so I'm thinking whether I should change the PS Pump to try to eliminate the hissing sound and also the last bit of strange steering feel when turning left. I can definitely live with the condition now. If I'm going to change it, it's just to satisfy my curiosity whether I guess correctly or not.

Hope this can help someone who may have similar issue in the future. And remember to check your tire pressure regularly especially when some issues appear.