Sti Ra Version 1 and Version 2 differences?

Discussion in 'General Impreza WRX chat' started by shanemc, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. shanemc

    shanemc V-Limited Member

    croydon surrey
    Can someone fill me in on the differences between the V1 and V2 Sti Ra's please? Is it just minor trim differences, and if so what differences in trim exactly?

  2. Anze

    Anze Type RA Member

    I am not 100%, but i think that main diference are stering wheel, synchros on 3th gear, diferent ECU (i dont know if is diferent or its just a diferent signed) and main thing, that v1 were hand tuned, v2's were factory builded on production line.
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  3. sc86

    sc86 V-Limited Member

    very light diff - heater control surround , grill badge - steering wheel etc

    were not hand built - only version 1 sti were
  4. shanemc

    shanemc V-Limited Member

    croydon surrey
    Thanks folks
  5. sc86

    sc86 V-Limited Member

    correct name is sti ra - not version 1 sti ra

    was only 50 per month made - 500 ish in total
    very rare

    had this 1 last year

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  6. V3 type r

    V3 type r V-Limited Member

    Although exact numbers are impossible what gc8 impreza would everyone say is the rarest? I remember speaking to a boy in subaruownersclub and he had a v2 sti ra i think it was, it had a plaque and the number was really low around 11-12 if I remember right. Silver and highly modified with a newer engine i think, he said he hoped it wasn't the earliest one still around as it was really rare and far from original
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  7. shanemc

    shanemc V-Limited Member

    croydon surrey
    That looks super mint, you haven't got it any more no?
  8. shanemc

    shanemc V-Limited Member

    croydon surrey
    It wouldn't have had a plaque unless it was a v limited sti ra, no?
  9. MattyB1983

    MattyB1983 V2 STI RA Vlimited.

    If it was an earlier car and silver with a plaque I'd imagine is was a My94 WRX STI.
  10. type-ra

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    West Yorkshire

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