STI optional parts description and information for Impreza GDB (Model F-G)


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That's hilarious:loll:
Rescue Dude.... don't know if these are of any use but my '03 spec c seats are looking for a home...they're black with red sti logo, alcantara middle as usual. passenger seat hardly touched, and the driver one in good nick as i'm a midget ( i do look like that photo in a normal seat ).
Trouble is the mounts aren't a straight swap into a classic.
Anyway was gonna put them on e-bay or sell to japperformance parts, but would rather they went to a good home.
If any interest send me a PM.


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All the images appear to have failed?
The images are probably still there but broken when the forum changes in 2012. All the brochure stuff is now in hi-res in V-Limited but I've not scanned this brochure in as yet :thumb