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  1. Suberman

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    As i was heading out to town for a night of celebration with some mates on my birthday, the Spec C decided not to start. :mad:

    .......so the hatch has to provide the transport then.

    Fast forward to a few days later, and i'm out shopping for a replacement battery. It's seems impossible to find a battery that's made in Japan nowadays. Not quite sure of the situation in the UK, but i suspect it to be similar. Anyway, as i've been running a Korean brand and manufactured battery for almost 3 years (the OE one was replaced by the dealership as my car was in storage for over 2 years as some of you may know), i decided to get something similar....

    .... and after some research (i know poop about batteries) i realised that the dealership did not give me a battery the same size as the OE and they conveniently threw away the battery cover as that won't fit the slightly longer battery.

    Onto the pictures.

    The battery that the dealership fitted.


    55B24L. Original Spec C battery is 34B19L. Found this site that shows what all those numbers mean. BAJ Website | Battery structure So apparently, they've given me one that's 5cm too long and with higher capacity.


    The replacement

    40B19L. Exact size, but with slightly higher capacity. Can't quite find a 34B19L. I'm fine so long as it's the same size. :thumb

    Tray looking a bit dirty....

    Took the chance to also clean up the area. :)

    It's really a tiny battery...

    Bought the original Spec C battery cover

    Cover has a strip of sponge that i think is there to absorb any electrolyte spills during hard driving. :wondering:

    All done.

    Oh, and one more thing, the battery shops were all telling me to be sure that my Impreza comes fitted with a 34B19L as they are usually found in tiny cars such as Nissan Marchs and Kia Picantos. :rofl:

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  2. ASJ

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    Bristol, UK
    Nice detective work Errol. :cheers: That cover is strange - don't think I've ever seen a battery wrapped up like that. I wonder what the reason was?

    Rgds, Ade
  3. lee555sub

    lee555sub lee555sub

    near sheffield
    Hi i know what the cover is for,

    to keep it warm on them cold nights,so it will start in the mornings,lol

  4. Suberman

    Suberman Moderator

    My best guess is it acts like an insulation from the heat of the engine during summer (which is pretty much everyday here in Singapore!) The cover fits loosely, so i don't think it does anything to keep the battery warm during winter.

    Then i won't be needing one Lee as it's almost always 24-32 deg celsius year round. :D
  5. lee555sub

    lee555sub lee555sub

    near sheffield
    wish it was like that here in UK,sick of this english weather,but better than east coast of America at minute,but anyway better than most with all the tornado,s,earth quakes,& other stuff.
  6. Suberman

    Suberman Moderator

    May be nice most of the time, but we often wish it wasn't so hot and humid here and hell, snow is quite nice isn't it? :loll: I guess it's always a case of the grass is always greener on the other side :D
  7. RobSpecC

    RobSpecC Type RA Member

    Hi Errol,

    Need to replace my battery but I don't have a comparison as the previous owner replaced the spec c battery with a standard one. I was reading this thread and went down to my local motor factors. Do you know what the UK code for this battery is, the local motor factors think its a 048 UK code?

    Either this Bosch: http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/p/a...ies/other-car-batteries/?444770485&0&cc5_1026

    or this Varta: http://www.tayna.co.uk/Type-048-Varta-Asia-Car-Battery-P3205.html

    But looking at measurements, they seem wrong! Is there a standard 3 digit UK code for these batteries as your man in the motor factors didn't seem to recognise the 40B19L reference when I gave it to him?
  8. markspecc

    markspecc Type RA Member


    The Varta A14 is the right size battery for a spec c, but if you don't drive you car very often at least once a week or more it will eventually die, unless you have a battery conditioner. I know this because I replaced my original spec c battery with one.

    I now have a Varta B31, which is ever so slightly wider (same height and depth) but still fits within the spec c battery tray and I have no problems not driving the car for two weeks or more

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  9. Suberman

    Suberman Moderator

    Hi Rob,

    I don't know what the code is for batteries in the UK, but from the measurements from those 2 links you posted up, it appears that the Varta one is closest to what I've fitted.

    My car came with a 55B24L and from this website http://www.baj.or.jp/e/car_battery/car03.html it means the battery was 129mm in width and has a height of 203mm. Length is 240mm

    When that died, i got the one in a size that originally came with the Spec C. 34B19L. So that measures 129mm in width and a height of 203mm but is only 190mm in length.

    From the above, we know that a batter measuring 129mm in width, 203mm in height and 240mm long can and will fit the Spec C tray, but the battery cover will not. The original Spec C size which is 129mm in width, 203mm in height and 190mm in lenght will fit the tray and cover.

    So from the links, the Varta is closest in size, but is slightly taller at 225mm in height. Not sure if that will be an issue.


  10. gus

    gus V-Limited Member

    Rob just go and buy a Nissan Micra battery same size as the spec-c all you need to do is take the lead outer covers off the terminals on the battery and the smaller spec-c clamps just pop on and away you go
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