Silver Type R in Ellon

I'm local to it but haven't seen it.

For me not worth that unless original or close to. With that low miles and close to original and vgc it's worth more imo..loads done to it by looks of the advert
I actually found it on dream car giveaways back in 2021, says its had a full bare metal respray as well as the stuff on the advert.
Spoke to that company who seem to think ots had stuff taken off it since they did it
If you're seriously interested I would get a CarVX report for her (~£25 but could save a lot more).
However it sounds like a lot has be done to it in UK since import (2006?) and that might be worth detailed research if you can.
Do you know how many UK owners?
Looks like she wasn't used 2013/14 to 2016.
"Japenese & UK history - huge folder of receipts" might be worth getting sight of that.
3000 miles since engine rebuild - that means 2007/2008ish from MoT record.
"The underside is very good with no rot or welding." I'd ask for photos before traveling too far to view her.
I wonder if a local member or a local Subaru specialist might be persuaded to give her a once over?
Yeah, I got very little on my type ra which had been over for some time.
It looks like they won it, then used it for a year then just left it after. Took some bits off etc

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