Should I completely avoid the 2.5?

Discussion in 'The Snug' started by Gunscrossed, Jul 24, 2018.

  1. Chris__p

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    I loved my 2.5 type r coupled with the 6 speed. I had it for around 5 years and it got serious abuse and never caused any problems. The bottom end was a crate 2.5 supplied new.
    You could be lazy and use the torque for daily or if you wanted really work it through the higher revs.
    I don't believe that they are that bad, a lot I see have very little oil in them or generally aren't looked after that well
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  2. 53R

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    Nothing wrong with a 2.5 as a capacity engine it's the the package as a whole that's poor in the D. The HGs all blow I don't know anyone who hasn't rebuilt there's. Even the same year tribecas fail the same. The drive by wire is desensitising to drive, the seats slip and slide all over, the whole car feels heavy and cumbersome and even with all the mods and mapping I'd still walk past it and get in the classic. It was fast and comfortable but fatally floored compared to the rest on your list. :) I gave it a fair crack but was the worst impreza I've owned... Even though I miss it for the looks and wish it could have been better.

    FB_IMG_1442778327059.jpg FB_IMG_1442778313962.jpg
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  3. Kanrex

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    This is how I see it, decide on your purpose first. Then build your car accordingly, otherwise you will spending a lot of cash without having the car exactly the way you want it.

    Maybe it would be worthwhile to get in touch with an engine builder (I could recommend you one here in Germany, but according to your signature you are based in N. Sussex.. so that would not be so helpful). One that has built lumps for street cars and track cars.
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  4. benji

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    That was a well spec car! I'd love that brace set up
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