Rust Bucket to S5 Project Car

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  1. AgentH

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    United States - PA

    I will fill in details later. Just keeping this first post open for future explanation.

    In the mean time, I need some feed back from the community so I can continue work this weekend.
  2. AgentH

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    United States - PA
    Here's where I stand.

    I'm trying to remove the rear fenders for fitment The Project's S5 WRC rear fenders. I'm at the point where I need to cut some sheet metal at the B and C pillars. I need some help on where I should cut.

    That's the easy part. The hard part is finding where to cut the fender from the trunk lip area. You know, the areas to the left and right of the trunk lid.

    Please help!
  3. tekkerchrede

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    Basically cut along where the gasket/liner would sit. But you should know this, if taking on that kind of job? If you transfer them to another shell, at first cut out a park being too big, rather than too small. It is to be said I am no bodyshop guy myself.

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