Rollover valve and odds and sods


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Some annoying little bits I'm after for a v5 if anyone has ..tried usual icp amayama etc.

Bracket things holding wiring under the front wings.behind the liners. Especially passenger size but both sides be ideal. 2 both sides if possible

Fuel rollover valve and bracket.

White clips securing fuel tank pipes to the tank...

Ling shot but anyone got a full air con set..pipework...pump etc..radiator to of good condition

If anyone breaking or can massively appreciated


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I have a spare fuel tank from a JDM car. In the EU they don't seem to be using that pictured valve, so I have one laying around without purpose.
Would need to check if the bracket is any good though.
Hi that be ideal. The bracket I have is maybe salvageable. The actual valve is shot sadly

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