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    After a sad farewell to my Clio Trophy, a car that really will be hard to replace I knew that a move away from the Clio's was needed simply because I haven't the heart nor the energy to start again with another Clio constantly comparing it to the Trophy just didn't interest me.

    For those that are interested here is a project thread to my supercharged Clio Trophy:

    I wanted a Japanese Import because I have very fond memories of my Toyota Glanza V sourcing rare parts/modifications from Japan, and even with that tiny CT9 turbo they really are a blast to drive, I miss it now!

    The shortlist:-

    * Honda Integra Type R DC5
    * Subaru Impreza 'Bugeye' WRX STI S202
    * Subaru Impreza 'Classic' WRX STI Type RA

    I ruled out the 'S202' early on mainly because my budget just couldn't stretch to the money that they command, which is a shame because out of the box they are awesome machines! This was followed by the 'DC5' a car I have always wanted, but after much thinking I decided that a change from FWD would be fun.

    So as I'm sure you've already worked out... I bought a Classic Impreza!

    I have always loved the original Impreza as a kid watching the WRC when it was at it's most exciting before they just filled the stages with Ford Fiestas... When I was at school I used to race RC cars and my first kit was a Tamiya TL01 Chassis based on a 1999 Impreza which I wish I still owned! A friend of my dad bought a P1 when they were brand new and I'll never forget that passenger drive as a teenager, being the first time in a 'Scooby' it blew my mind!

    So onto the new car, new project!

    A 1995 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Type RA

    Personally for me the Type RA is the perfect Classic Impreza and ticks many boxes, and a car I hope will make a perfect toy on and off the track!

    I drove all the way to Wales yesterday to view the car and bought it from a lovely chap called Matt aka @Matt13 who was an absaloue gent to deal with. Here's his classified add which will give you a good indication of the RA's history and current spec including photos:-

    I'm over the moon with the RA, and the drive back from Wales was epic! A big thanks to my friend Dave who went with me to view the car.

    There is lots of things I want to do with the car, but at the moment I just want to enjoy it!

    Today at work we got the car over the MOT inspection pit and I'm happy to report it's bloody clean with no hidden nightmares! The only fault we could find was a minor leak coming from one of the rear diff seals, and unfortunately the downpipe/de-cat is in a pretty poor state compared to the rest of the exhaust which is in fantastic condition.

    The downpipe however has two holes that have blown threw. There isn't any decent metal left to carry out a repair so fortunately as it is only a bolt on part I'm going to be buying a stainless steel 3" downpipe/de-cat very soon!

    Thanks for reading! Updates to follow!

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    Welcome to the import Impreza world @RMDavis :thumb

    Just read the Clio thread - excellent! They seem to be a very helpful bunch on there too. Can't see most of the pics though - I guess that's because I'm not logged in.

    The car has some history on here as @Etheridge-Bird will confirm.

    Looking forward to the updates.

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  3. RMDavis

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    Thanks for the warm welcome Dean!

    It's a great forum, and I have made many friends from various meets and events over the years, and even with a change of car I intend to stay active on that forum.

    I'm sure this forum will be much of the same! ;)

    That's great to know it has history on the forum! Matt did say he was pretty sure it has always been owned by like minded enthusiasts which is always encouraging.
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    Welcome along . Enjoy your Impreza .
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  5. Ossett2k2

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    Very nice indeed :thumb
  6. Etheridge-Bird

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    A very warm welcome @RMDavis to

    I have a few photographs of the car when I purchased it from the previous (enthusiastic) owner.
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  7. RMDavis

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    The only thing I'm not a 100% on is the cut out front bumper. I can appreciate the form over function, as the original top mount intercooler is very restrictive, and it has been done professionally at a bodyshop rather than a dodgy hacksaw job. I think I'd much prefer the look of an unmodified bumper... It does look bloody purposeful though!

    I assume trying to source and RA bumper won't be easy! Any advice on the best way to go about it?
  8. Etheridge-Bird

    Etheridge-Bird Moderator


    The bumper is not specific to the RA model.

    You would need a prefacelift bumper in white (paint code 230).

    PS I am after a post facelift one for my car as it has been hacked about to fit the front mount intercooler.
  9. RMDavis

    RMDavis Type RA Member

    That's great news!

    Certainly makes the hunt a little easier. Am I right in saying the facelift started in 1996? So would need to source a bumper from 1995 and before?
  10. Etheridge-Bird

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