Richard Burns Safari 2000 Tribute

Discussion in 'New member welcomes' started by BlueturboWRC, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. BlueturboWRC

    BlueturboWRC Type RA Member

    The Netherlands
    Hi everyone,

    Via an invitation from Dean (orange rally car) I got here. I do not own a special edition from the factory in 1998, but made my own...

    So this is how it was when it came from the factory line:


    I bought the car in 2008 and I'm the third owner. The low rear spoiler was replaced with the higher version and the front bumper was upgraded to a 99 bumper. Apart from that it was a standard car. 555 series, as it has no airbags or any other luxery options.

    As a rally fan I started building my own 'rally' car. Without any intention to use it as rally car though. You can say it's for how use only. Added a long list of changes:

    - MY03 hoodscoop
    - Roofscoop
    - WRC replica spoiler (higher blade is adjustable)
    - Roofspoiler
    - WRC '00 frontbumper
    - 22B/ WRC rearbumper
    - Blinded rear windows from B-style
    - WRC livery
    - Hoodpins/ trunk springs
    - Complete repair from reddish blue to WRblue
    - OZ Superturismo 17"/ Toyo Proxes T1r

    - Whiteline bushes
    - Whiteline rear endlinks
    - Whiteline rear swaybar
    - Whiteline front endlinks
    - Frontstrutbrace UltraRacing

    - WRX MY05 front brakes
    - GTT MY00 rear brakes
    - Tarox grooved discs front/ rear

    - Tein ProFlex coilovers

    - Dash/ console flocked
    - Roofscoop ensemble (it's working scoop)
    - 2 Sparco harness
    - HKS Turbo Timer
    - Dashboard iPadholder in carbon (DIY)
    - QSP Rally steeringwheel with Quick-Release

    - Fuel Cut Defender
    - Scoobysport (open) exhaust with twin-dump down pipe
    - WRX tmic

    So it looked like this:


    But..................................Yes, there's more :)

    A few years ago I got fascinated by the WRC Safari Rally in Kenya (2000) might know where this is going...

    Had to look for some very rare Prodrive parts, wich were special made for this type of rally:
    - Snorkel
    - Roobar
    - Mirrors with lights
    - OZ gravels

    I can say I found them all, after a long search. Took me a while to get everything on and working as well, but I save you that story ;-)

    Here are the results:




    Homemade airbox





    Snorkel & Roobar:


    Some video material as well:




    And the whole "package":




    Hope you enjoyed the photo's, I got hundreds by now. You can find more information about all my projects on my own website:

    Next big project is to get my OZ gravels to fit, here they are:



    Plan is to run on longer stuts and have the hubsize changed. Because of the offset difference they stick out of the arches by approx. 30mm so I contacted L'aunsport... ;-)


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  2. type-ra

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    West Yorkshire
    Well that's a fantastic first post Bernhard:bow
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  3. DRRally

    DRRally Showboat Superstar

    Van harte welkom om u en uw mooie auto :thumb :rock:
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  4. Steve777

    Steve777 V-Limited Member

    Burton upon Trent
    Welcome along. Looks like you have been very busy . Great job :thumb
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  5. knuckster

    knuckster V-Limited Member

    Awsome looking car you have there Bernhard
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  6. Carboy

    Carboy V-Limited Member

    Hello and welcome! Very nice work you have done there, looks great! :thumb
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  7. talbotsteve

    talbotsteve Type RA Member

    south lakes
    There is usually plenty of meat on the back of a group a wheel that can be machined off, bringing the offset down and reducing the need to go for longer studs, or you could go for a wide arch kit and keep the offset!
    Nice looking car by the way.
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  8. Prodraw555

    Prodraw555 Type RA Member

    Bravo!!! I've always loved the Safari Rally and I wish that it was back in the WRC calendar. BTW, do you plan to raise your suspension to give it that true "Safari" look? :thumb
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  9. Fatharrydog

    Fatharrydog MY98 WRX Type R V-Limited 176/1000

    Welcome. Fantastic looking car.
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  10. ASJ

    ASJ Moderator

    Bristol, UK
    Welcome over Bernhard........

    Pleasure to have you car on our forum.

    Looking forward to seeing the cheetah door sticker upgrade coming soon :)

    Rgds, Ade
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