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  1. subaruian

    subaruian Type RA Member

    Hi all

    I maybe able to get hold of a retna as ive been offered one i dont know condition history etc but just wanted to know if anybody had any info on numbers that were produced and if poss roughly how many are in the uk? i know they are the original p1/type-r and are 1.5-1.6 na? ive heard they are quite rare? so was thinking of a long term restore if its the right car

    many thanks

  2. ASJ

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    Bristol, UK
  3. subaruian

    subaruian Type RA Member

    Hi ade

    Yes i did read that thread info on the retna seems thin on the ground cant seem to find much(calling suberman lol) i know its not the most exciting scoob to drive look at oem but its got the history there if you know what i mean so im in to minds im hoping its really low miles fsh etc etc but thats me just hoping ha ha

  4. type-ra

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    West Yorkshire
    Prodrive were supposed to have imported some. Cheaper import tax due to smaller engines, but still the 3 door shell.
    What info are you looking for Ian?

  5. subaruian

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    Hi dean

    just roughly how rare they are as they getting on abit lol ive never seen any for sale anywhere and what sort of price im looking at obviously condtion mileage etc plays a part i would a thought being a na car in japan there must have been loads made? but i would have thought there quite rare over here???


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