Restoration of 1995 V2 WRX STI Ra

Graham Whitfield

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A few more, fuel lines now in, decided to go with the original lateral arms and trailing arms, new trailing arm to chassis mounting brackets, subframe now painted and went with black raptor for all rear suspension parts, full set of poly bushes to fit next weekend and hopefully tank and subframe will be fitted.
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I honestly think the raptor black on the bits above, doesn't look as good oem matt black, just my opinion of course, none the less, you're doing a cracking job of keeping her alive.

Andy Cliffe

Japanese engineering at its finest
Cheers guys its been a long slog, but I must say I just got a little giddy tonight bolting the first new trailing arm brackets on, (all rear suspension bolting is new OEM ££££ I did them in black Raptor just to try and give it a bit more protection, probably look better when its all together.20210430_173700.jpg20210430_180126.jpg20210430_180148.jpg

Andy Cliffe

Japanese engineering at its finest
Fuel tank fully installed, the rear subframe is in but is coming out again as I am changing the rear diff mounting bushes, I got polly bushes but they are too long for the diff mounting studs so I going with new OEM. The lateral arm ones seem ok but are a bit of a twat to fit! Making a bit of headway now.