Ressurected type R


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Hy guys , this is my type R i bought , (chassis is not type r) but everything else should be.
Here are some pictures
I hope to get some help couse Im a little bit lost in this build
42562207_2109990575880060_8330720701367451648_n.jpg 42576531_1971172989636599_3835737727580504064_n.jpg 42651322_754460661551980_1076818528117456896_n.jpg 42673235_1918497805120970_4827350035895156736_n.jpg 42681389_1940061466082540_8025412976901095424_n.jpg 42799927_723291641346378_6435455722175070208_n.jpg


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What info are you looking for @mateo97
a lot of info , im looking to remove front charchoal canister and all the pipes it uses , so i was wondering if i can remove the two metal pipes under the manifold , one goes to the solenoid purge valve) or something like this , ( i will take photo) , can i just leave the solenoid conected and blank all the pipes that are conected to valve , i have fuel pressure regulator and previous owner instaled it , fuel goes in to the regulator , then it goes in T piece and in fuel rails (parallel fuel system)
on the other side of rail the return gas goes in other T piece and then in return line , i was wondering , what are the things about evap that I can pull out

The second problem is catch can ( i dont have a clue how to install it or what type to buy)
third is ecu code is J2 , i have refurbished IHI VF 43 , can i use that turbo on yellow injectors , and how much boost can i run

I know that this is a lot of questions , but i really dont know who else can help me if not on this forum

thanks a lot



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A long time ago I removed the charcoal filter. If i recall correctly it’s used on the fuel breather system. Purely for environmental purposes I guess and to stop vapour smells. Mine got binned during the second round of modifications.
I’m using an obp three port baffled can connected to the two head breathers and the block.
did you remove all the metal pipeing under the manifold when you removed canister ? what did you do with soleinoid valve ?

i got it where you coneccted the lines ( from each head one ) but the catch can has 4 ports , what did you do with other two , did you wented it to atmosphere or back to the engine


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The piping under the inlet is all one part welded/joined to the fuel rail. If I recall correctly the rail is connected to a vent pipe from the fuel tank. The pipe enters the engine bay on the passenger side bulk head near the bonnet hinge. The pipe on my car is now tucked away facing under the car.
The spigot at the top of the can is a vent there is a an thread on the bottom of the can of you want to return to sump.


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The 'charcoal canister' doesn't have anything to do with a catch tank as such and in general terms can simply be blanked off.......
Depending on the ECU your using you may simply need to leave the solenoid plugged in to save it from throwing a fault